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NOTICE: McIntyre is under a Level 1 Drought Response: In order to conserve water outside watering is allowed only between 4:00pm and 10:00 am. This applies to both commercial and residential water use, also keep in mind to regularly check for and repair leaks inside and outside. Don't leave tap running when shaving, brushing teeth and face washing. Only water your landscape when necessary and adjust sprinklers so only your lawn is watered and not the house, sidewalk or street.

NOTICE: 2015 CCR Annual Water Quality Report are available at City Hall located at 102 Railroad Street.

Water bills are due on the 15th of each month, a late penalty of $5.00 applies after the 15th, Termination date is the 28th of the current month, bills will need to be paid prior to the 28th, Reconnect fee is $35.00 and is applied to terminated accounts for non-payment. Bill will have to be paid in full to have water restored.

The city of McIntyre strives to offer its citizens the highest quality of service and a safe water system.


Council meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, beginning at 5:00PM, If you would like to be placed on the Agenda for topics, you must call City Hall at 478-946-2037 prior to the meeting date.

Municipal Court is held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm. Ralph Jackson is the honorable Judge, and any discussions pertaining to the court date will need to be discussed either with the Clerk of Court Pamela Roberts at 478-946-2037, or Chief Wayne Amerson at 478-946-3483.

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April 7, 2014 Minutes

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

April 7, 2014

Page 1


Mayor Horne called meeting to order, led in prayer by Council Member Eugene Moore.


Present were: Mayor Vicki Horne, Council members, Eugene Moore, Katherine Scott, John Carswell and Rico Myrick, absent was Council member Vickie Mixon, also present were Clerk Pamela Roberts, City Attorney David McRee and Chief of Police Wayne Amerson.


Motion to accept the March 17, 2014 minute’s was made by Myrick, seconded by Scott, no opposition, motion carried.


Mayor Horne addressed the agenda, noting that the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan needed to be adopted.


Motion to adopt the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan was made by Carswell, seconded by Myrick, no opposition motion carried.




Moore said that from the old business there was discussion about the fire hydrant that was on Mr. Brewer’s property that needed to be moved, saying that it was on Mr. Brewer’s property and that it does belong to the City of McIntyre, but that it wasn’t on Asbell Road, that it was on Bethune Road. Mayor Horne said that Bethune Road wasn’t in the city limits; Moore said no that it wasn’t in the city limits, but that the city did furnish the water out there. Myrick noted that it was the city’s water line and that the city would have to move it.  Moore said that he thought it was on the same property that the city needed an easement on for the sewer line, believing that it was the same property, and that it was located on the very end of Bethune, noting that it would have to be moved.


Mayor Horne asked if he was in a rush to have it removed now, Moore said that he was trying to sell the property. Mayor Horne asked if the hydrant ran in the middle of the property, Moore said that it did.


Myrick asked if he could get to the property until the city moved the hydrant, Moore said that he could and believed there was a power pole on easement too.



City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

April 7, 2014

Page 2


Mayor asked if it would be a big cost in it, and if so, then we could move it when the sewer line went in, and the cost would be incorporated in it. Myrick said that he didn’t believe it would be, because it wasn’t that deep.


Myrick asked if the city was going to have to go to the other side for the sewage, Mayor and Myrick discussed the location of possible sewer line, who owned the property.


Moore said that the city had a lot of abandon houses, and some were falling in, noting that when he read the new charter, referring to section 2-10, that it read that the Mayor and Alderman shall have power and authority to remove or cause to be removed all buildings, porches, steps, fences or other obstructions or nuisances in public streets, lanes, alley’s, sidewalks, squares, parks, or other public ways.  Moore said that he wanted to know if the city could come up with a process of notifying the property owners, and giving them time, that similar to Macon. McRee said the council had the general authority conferred upon them in the charter, asking if there were some specific language dealing with the actual process in the code of ordinances. Mayor Horne said that the city had actually talked about that, saying that the city had the officer’s ride around to gather a list. McRee said that he believed there was a process by where the city send a letter or if the police department issue a citation, or something like that and the people had a certain time to take care of it, and that if they didn’t take care of it, then the issue falls back on the city and the city could then through a process go in and tear it down, but the city would have to front the cost to do that, and that has always been the hold up on it, that if the city goes through that then the city would have the upfront cost, saying that he believed that once that was done, the city could put a lien against the property to recoup the cost, but that it was no guarantee that the city would get the money. Mayor Horne said that it had been talked about to put the money aside for that, but had never done it. McRee said that he believed the city had talked about putting the money in the budget but didn’t believe that the city had done so this budget, that council had talked about getting the money and a list of houses, saying that it could be done. Scott asked if the city could use funds from SPLOST, McRee said no, Scott asked if there were no funds available, Moore said no, but that the budget could be amended.  Moore said that with the way Macon does it, that it usually takes around 2 years to actually get the property torn down, because of the time they are given. McRee said that it was a big step to go in and tear down somebody’s property, that in most cases it was something that you just didn’t do. Scott asked if the city could start getting letters out, Roberts said that she had done that twice already. McRee said that the city could get some cost estimates for x number of houses, and then council could come to a meeting and amending the budget to include the cost. Moore said perhaps we get the cost and letters out, and then put it in next year’s budget. Myrick

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

April 7, 2014

Page 3


asked if the city should get cost first, Moore said that he could get some cost estimates.  McRee said that he recommended the budget part be first, and then notify property owners. Scott asked how many properties were you looking at, Moore said that he knew of 7 on Vinson Road, noting the old Mingo house and the shed located at the carwash. Moore said that knew of 3 out on Old McIntyre Road, saying that in all he believed there may be about 15.


McRee said that Roberts had sent letters out that she could get Moore a list, Roberts said that she hadn’t sent out any letters about tearing down property.  Mayor asked what the city would do if the property owners didn’t have the money to do it, could the property owner pay the city back. McRee said that the city could take a lien, and have them repay the city. Mayor Horne said that she wanted to give everyone an opportunity to do what they needed to. McRee said that the city could not advance any money to do the work, only for demolition of the property. Moore said that he thought that maybe the city could make a return back in agreement for the City tearing it down. McRee said that you could do that for the cost of tearing it down, and that maybe some would deed over the property, if the city agreed to remove the structure. Carswell asked if the fire department could use some of the property for control fire burns, McRee said that he didn’t believe they could do that anymore and that in most cases council will discover that either you will not have anyone to deal with or have anyone to deal with that cares, noting that in his experience he has learned that it ends up being that the property belong to this person and they died, and didn’t have family in this area, but had distant relatives somewhere else, that they were they were the ones that ultimately ended up with an interest in the property, saying that half the time they don’t even know they have an interest in the property, or the property didn’t get conveyed out of some ones name and the property has become dormant, and now is decayed. Moore said that he knew that every time he mentions the old Library, he catches it, but he knew that Unimin was not going to do anything with it, that on the other side the tin had come off, and no one is going to do anything with it, and that he has even offered to buy the property, but no one ever gets back to him, and that he can appreciate that it was the old library, but right now it was an eye sore. Mayor asked McRee if he could get a letter together with the wording. McRee said that once council got the cost estimates together and has amended the budget, he would be glad to draft a letter.


Moore said that there were several dead trees that needed to be removed and that he has had contact with a gentleman that is cutting the power line now for Georgia Power and that he would be willing to do the work on the weekends for about $300.00 a tree. Scott asked if the tree she had asked him about was it on the right-of-way. Moore said that he couldn’t find one on the right-of-way, but that there was across from Edmond’s that was. Mayor Horne asked again about the

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

April 7, 2014

Page 4


$300.00, Moore said that was good, that he had paid double that to have one taken down in his yard. Mayor Horne asked if it depended on the size. McRee said that it does, that it also depends on where it is, how close it is to a structure, saying that he had a man give him a price of $350.00 to take one from his yard. Scott asked Moore how many trees were there, Moore said that he knew of 3, Mayor Horne asked where they were located, Moore said that there was 2 on pine circle and 1 on Old McIntyre Road close to Edmonds driveway. Mayor Horne asked if they were on the right-of-way, Moore said yes, but some were not, saying that he was only taking down the ones on the right-of-way, noting that some people try to move the road.  Myrick said that if they do the work on the weekend and they hit a power line, that the problem would be on the guy doing the work, Moore said yes.


Scott had no report.


Carswell said that the work had been started at the park, asking Moore what they had done, saying that he knew of the tree they had taken down. Carswell said that the county had done some work and that it looked totally different, saying that if the city will maintain it, that it would look good.  Moore said that they had dumped some gravel up there. Carswell said that he believed the county was still working there, because their equipment was still there, saying that he would call Jeff tomorrow to find out what else they were going to do, but that he knew they were going to dump some more dirt, and that they were going to bring a motor grader through, asking Moore that when they bring the dirt that the city go there with the back hoe and knock down the pile noting that the motor grader should be coming through soon, and the County was going to level it all with the motor grader. Moore said that the street department was going to set some 4 foot azaleas at the entrance and that there was a thorny bush on the other side that they hadn’t gotten down yet, but was going to get it down.


Carswell asked Moore if they were able to get the power cord for the stove, Moore said that they did, but they were going to have to change the outlet.  Carswell said that there was still a couple of water issues that needed to be repaired, and that he would need some ¾ quarter t’s, sleeves and elbows for the repairs.


Carswell said that he thought they needed to go into executive session to discuss the scheduling at the park, Roberts said that wasn’t an executive session discussion. Carswell presented a copy of the proposed schedule of the hours, noting that there would exception of hours during events. Moore asked if Carswell had discussed the hours with Hagins, Carswell said no that he would be getting

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

April 7, 2014

Page 5


with him after the meeting.   Mayor Horne asked for comments. Myrick asked if Hagins should come in earlier on Saturdays to cut grass. Carswell said that he thought he understood that the street personnel would do the cutting; Moore said that the street department did the majority of the grass cutting last year. Mayor said that the only question she had was the 8pm that it wasn’t dark at 8pm. Roberts asked if Carswell wanted to change it to 8:30, Myrick said or 9pm. Mayor Horne said that she wanted to make sure that things were closed, and that it would be still be light at 8:00pm. Myrick asked what if there was a game on Saturday, Carswell said that would be considered special time, and that the reason he did it at 5: pm is because Hagins was running a bus route, so maybe 5:30 would be better. Mayor Horne said that or 5-9 that she wanted to make sure that someone is down there when it starts to get dark, to make sure the children get escorted out safely.  Roberts asked if Carswell wanted to change the Weekend hours, Carswell said that it could be changed until a hour later. Mayor Horne asked how many hours was that; Roberts said that it would be 28 hours. Myrick asked if there was an event going on Sunday, would the street guys pick up the trash, Mayor said that was up to Mr. Moore, Moore said that they are already cutting the grass. Roberts asked if it would be late for Hagins, since he worked during the day. Myrick and Moore said that there was a big trash can there. Mayor Horne asked for a decision to be made and Carswell said that he could move it 5-9, unless it was a conflict with Hagins then the city could move it to 5:30pm. Mayor Horne asked if everyone was in agreement. Moore asked what would happen if Coach Hagins wasn’t in agreement with it. Mayor Horne said that then Council would come back to the table, and noted that there may be times the street department will need to come in a pick up trash, Moore agreed, Mayor Horne said that everyone needed to work together to get it clean because the fair and May Day were approaching.


Carswell asked Myrick if the water department could put a temporary water line in up to the track, Myrick asked if he wanted it inside the track, Carswell said that no, it could be on the outside.


Myrick had no report.


McRee said that he believed the easement meeting went ok, noting that Scott had predicted 5 people would sign and that was how many had signed, but believed that one more had signed. McRee said that Roberts had informed members that Meg would be coming down on Monday, because people wanted to talk with her before signing and believed that progress was being made, and hopefully all would be signed within the next few weeks.



City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

April 7, 2014

Page 6


Mayor Horne asked Roberts if she had called Rindt-McDuff about the electric, Roberts said that she had sent an email to Meg last week about the status of the railroad easement and the electricity at the site. Mayor Horne asked clerk to go over the reply email. Roberts said that Meg replied that the city should be receiving the revised agreement with the railroad soon, and that she had tried contacting Autrey Howard of Oconee EMC, but knew that they working with BASF and the Railroad to get easements, but hadn’t heard from him yet. Roberts also said that Meg had replied to a concern that Mr. Gene had brought up about Bethune, Carver and Sandy Hill Roads being outside the city limits, noting that Meg replied that the reason they were included was because USDA repayment was based on all the water customers being sewer customers, noting that Bethune, Carver and Sandy Hill Road customers are outside the city limit, however, they are McIntyre Water Customers as based on your existing Service Delivery Strategy. Roberts read from the email how the City would need to draft a Sewer Use Ordinance mandating all the water customers connect to the water system. Roberts said that in the past Council had said everyone in the city limits must tie on, that it needs to be all water customers.  Mayor Horne said that she thought council had discussed that it would be all the water customers, clerk said that it may have been said at one point but that recently everyone had said within the city limits, noting that the letter of conditions from USDA said that the city had to have 325 water customers and 52 or 54 commercial accounts. Mayor asked David if he would be the one to draw up the draft or Rindt-McDuff, McRee said that the city would need to get with Rindt-McDuff to see if they were going to do it. Roberts asked that she read point three of the email, reading that the City needed to make sure the City Attorney includes all water customers in the McIntyre Service District in the Sewer Use Ordinance, so therefore putting the burden on McRees shoulders. McRee asked clerk to forward the email, Roberts gave McRee a printed copy of the email. McRee said that he would have it ready by next meeting.  Mayor Horne asked Moore if he was on McIntyre’s water, Moore said that he was not; Mayor Horne asked if the City could run a water line up there. Moore said that when the city annexed one of the conditions was that they could stay on Irwinton water. Mayor Horne asked where it was in there, Moore said that he didn’t know, but knew it was, McRee said that it would be in the Service Delivery Strategy.  Moore said that there was only one up there on McIntyre Water and that was Vickie and Kevin Mathis. Myrick asked across from him, where Moore’s daughter stayed were they on Irwinton water. Moore said that everyone up there on the hill was on Irwinton water except Vickie and Kevin Mathis. Myrick asked if Felecia Snead was on McIntyre water. Mayor Horne said that the city needed to look into that. Moore said that he asked a question, before he was elected to council on how would they be handled and was told that the city would have to work out an agreement with Irwinton for the readings or get McIntyre to read the meters. Moore said that where the hole was in the road is where the two systems come together, noting that at one time he was not getting any

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

April 7, 2014

Page 7


pressure and found out that all of Irwinton’s water was running down the hill, because someone had left the valve opened, and that Irwinton water didn’t have any pressure. Mayor Horne asked Roberts to look through Annex papers. Moore said that when he first moved there, that in the evenings when the water level dropped so, that when you open the faucet in the house the line would actually suck. Moore said that when Mr. Sitas owned the water in Irwinton, they all asked if they could get Irwinton water, and they bought the pipe and Mr. Sitas had it installed. Mayor Horne said that this was something that needed to be looked into, because it didn’t make sense if the city was going to provide sewer. Moore asked if anyone knew who the first people were to give out of water when something happens to the well, Mayor Horne asked who, Moore said Vickie and Kevin Mathis, the ones right at the water tank.  Mayor Horne said that the city needed to fix that problem. Moore said that as long as all the controls are working good, that he felt like the problems would be solved but if the automatic controls aren’t kept working and the water crew has to start working them manually then the people on the hill would have water problems. Mayor Horne asked if it would make better business sense if they were on McIntyre water, Moore said yes as long as you didn’t have the same problems as before. Mayor Horne said that needed to be fixed, Moore said that it was fixed not, as long as the controls for the water are working properly, that right now the lowest level the water gets is about 30 feet, and as long as that is working it’s great, but what he was saying is if it freezes and bust in the winter and it is worked by hand, then those ones on the hill would be the first ones out of water.  Mayor Horne said that she wasn’t trying to force anyone, but that it made better sense in order to get a proper reading from our people, even if people complain. McRee said that city needed to look at the service strategy plan, and that it was suppose to be spelled out in there what government provided what services to who, and if it’s in there, then the city would have to modify the Service Delivery Strategy, and the Regional Commission get involved in helping you modify midterm, but to see if the information is in there, and get Denise to look into it. Moore said that in the hearings at annexation meetings at the court house was where they addressed their concerns about the water situation. Moore said that you had the same situation with the Schools, but that they would have a flow meter that would show the usage.


Question from the Gallery was did council know when sewage may come to McIntyre; Moore responded that it was probably around two years.


Myrick complemented Moore on the Veterans Memorial and the good job he had done, and that it looked good. Mayor Horne asked about lights for the memorial, Moore said that he was going to get some solar lights, and the he wanted to get a flag pole out there.  Moore said that one thing he wanted to work on was to get a city flag and a city seal.  Roberts said that it would be good if

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

April 7, 2014

Page 8


McIntyre had a old building, something like Gordon with their Depot. Moore asked what McIntyre would be without the Chalk mine and Railroad. Moore said that he was thinking of talking with Wylene Taylor, and would like for the colors to be blue and gold. Carswell suggested having a contest with the fifth graders at the school, and pick a winner, saying that he had a $25 gift card that he would donate; Mayor Horne said that if they did something like that then the city would offer the prize. Scott asked how they would get the information to the school, Carswell said by giving it to Wayne. Moore said that he still felt like McIntyre wouldn’t be McIntyre without the chalk mine and Railroad.  Mayor Horne said that it would be good idea to work with the school to do something like that; Roberts said that you could still use the Chalk mine and the Railroad, in Blue and Gold.


Motion to enter into executive session to discuss land acquisition, and possible personnel issues was made by Carswell, seconded by Myrick, no opposition, motion carried.


Meeting was called back to order at 6:24, no motion; no vote was taken while in executive session.


Gallery Comments/Questions:


Ms. JoAnn Orr said that she wanted to complain about the post office, saying that she did not get her mail and did not know if it was the new mail person or not, and that she did sometimes get other peoples mail but did not mind that, but she wanted to know where her mail was. Mayor Horne asked Ms. Orr if she had spoken with the Post Office, because the council didn’t have anything to do with the Postal Services, Mayor Horne suggested that Ms. Orr write a letter to the post master, Moore said that the post master was in Gordon and she would need to talk with him in Gordon.


Motion to adjourn was made by Myrick, seconded by Carswell, no opposition, motion carried.



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