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NOTICE: 2015 CCR Annual Water Quality Report are available at City Hall located at 102 Railroad Street.

Water bills are due on the 15th of each month, a late penalty of $5.00 applies after the 15th, Termination date is the 28th of the current month, bills will need to be paid prior to the 28th, Reconnect fee is $35.00 and is applied to terminated accounts for non-payment. Bill will have to be paid in full to have water restored.

The city of McIntyre strives to offer its citizens the highest quality of service and a safe water system.


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Council Minutes July 1, 2013



City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 1, 2013

Page 1



Mayor Horne called the meeting to order, led in prayer by Council member Eugene Moore.

Present were:  Mayor  Vickie Horne; Council Members; Eugene Moore, Vickie Mixon, Katherine Scott, John Carswell, and Rico Myrick, also present was Clerk, Pamela Roberts, Chief Wayne Amerson and City Attorney David McRee.


Minutes were presented from the June 17 2013 meeting, motion to approve minutes as presented was made by Myrick, seconded by Mixon, no corrections, no opposition, motion carried.


Nothing on the Agenda




Moore stated that May Lane needs some repairs. Moore said that he understood that it was a driveway, and gravel was dumped and spread in the driveway. The discussion was about the whole road being repaired and if the city was to maintain the road. Moore said that he asked Willie about it but Willie was not sure, he also stated that he asked Wayne who stated no, because it is a private driveway.


Moore said that he spoke with Ms. Natalie Underwood and she suggested that he contact Commissioner John Williams because he would be aware of it. Moore stated that he called Commissioner Williams but Williams did not remember it very well but thought that the county did put some gravel on the road.  Moore said that Commissioner Williams suggested that it be discussed at the council meeting today.


Mayor Horne stated that a while back when the city annexed, it was said that it had been maintained by the county and once the city annexed, the city would assume the responsibilities of maintaining the road.


 Mixon asked how it is listed at the courthouse.


Moore stated that it is listed as a flagged lot which means that it does not belong to anybody; it is just an access to the houses or driveways.


Mayor Horne asked McRee for his input on the road.


McRee stated that if it has not been dedicated as a public road and if it is private, the city is not suppose to do anything with it. Roads can become public roads over the years without them



City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 1, 2013

Page 2



being dedicated to the government, if the government comes in and maintains it over a period of time then it can become a public road.  You would have to have some type of records on what the County did and how long they did it to see whether it was a classified road when the city annexed it in.


Mixon stated that this goes back to another situation, the road off of Rainbow Drive at the Taylor’s property, it has been used as a road but yet it was decided that it was not a road. So why should this one be a road instead of a private drive.


McRee stated that his opinion is to put the burden on them, let them show you that it is a public road. If you don’t have a road dedicated to you in any records to show that it is a public road or if the county does have anything in their records to show that it is a public road when the city annexed, then this would put the burden back on them. They have to come in show some documentation and evidence that this is a public right away.


Carswell stated one bind that we put ourselves in is that it is not been treated as a private road and it never has been. It has a street sign with a name on it. If it was a private road the garbage collectors would not go up in that road to pick up trash, every house on that lane has a mail box. Everything would be in one designated point. Carswell stated that he didn’t know how long the city had been maintaining it or how long the county maintained it. Everything shows for itself that the city or somebody has been maintaining the road because if it was a private drive, everybody on that road would have to bring their trash cans out to the road, every mail box would be posted in one specific spot and the mail man would not be able to access that road.  You can go to some of the other streets down Vinson Road or anywhere else that have driveways that are not a public road, all the people that live down through there have to bring all their trash, and they get mail at one designated point, saying this lets you know what is public and what is private on these roads. 


Carswell asked if it is a private driveway, who named the street May Lane or who put the street sign up.


Myrick asked Ms. Whipple where the name came from.


Comments from the Gallery: Ms. Whipple stated that she did not know who named the street.  Ms. Whipple stated that the county put the signs up and the numbers.


Roberts stated that she was told by Judy that it was not a county road and that it was called a flagged road.



City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 1, 2013

Page 3



McRee asked did the county have anything in their records as to show whether they worked or how long they worked this road.


Robert stated that we could call the County Road Dept. to get some information from them.


McRee suggested calling the County Road Dept. to see if you can get some information.  He stated if they have been working it for 20 years, pulling the ditches and putting gravel on it, it probably was treated as a road by the county and we would have taken it in when we annexed. McRee said that the city needed a little more information on how the county treated it.


Carswell said that he knew that it has been done for 16 years because he worked for the county and they use to do that road.


Comments from the Gallery: Ms. Whipple stated that it came up once before about Hidden Acres and the decision was made and she didn’t know what happened with putting it on the books, that it was a street in the city limits of McIntyre and that the city has been taking care of it.


 McRee stated that we need to check the city records also.


Carswell stated that it is listed on the city map.


Mixon said that if it had a name when it was annexed in, it stayed that name.


Moore stated that every road in McIntyre is on the city map whether it is named or not.


Mayor Horne stated that the city had an issue with Hidden Acres and found out the road ended in the bushes, and that we have had this discussion before.


Moore stated that the road that goes down by the water tank fit the description of what Carswell said. It has mail boxes; the mail man goes down through there, the trash truck goes down through there, the city uses it, and Snowco uses it. When he first moved up there it had a name of Hickory Hill. He stated that he didn’t know who took the sign down. If John’s definition fits, then the road by the water tank would be a public road also.


Mayor Horne asked did anybody stay on the road.


Moore stated yes, that Vickie Mathis and Kelvin Mathis live on it and that he does also.


Mayor Horne asked if it was a flagged road, and that the city needs to do something with it.


City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 1, 2013

Page 4



Moore stated that it is a private road.


Comments from the Gallery: Mary Whipple said that the city limits moved out there and that is when the city took it over, Mayor Horne said that was discussed years ago.


 McRee stated that city records may show that we have worked it for several years. Moore stated that the city had not done so for the last year and a half.  Comments from the Gallery: Ms. Whipple stated that the city took care of it up until the last year.


Myrick said that in pervious conversation, before new council, something came up, that in order for it to be a street; people had to give up a portion of that land to do ditches. Comments from the Gallery: Ms. Underwood said that she thought that they had to give up rights to a portion of the property if they paved the road. McRee and Mayor Horne stated that they would have to give additional right away if it was paved.


Myrick stated that he didn’t see a problem, if they pay city taxes and asked what is the purpose of city taxes?  Myrick said he knew that the city couldn’t go to the yard and put gravel around the doorsteps, but what is the problem is if they need dirt, gravel, etc, dump the gravel and let them spread it.


Roberts stated that it comes back to a liability.


Myrick asked what liability, you are paying city taxes.


Roberts stated that the city cannot enter personal property, if someone falls and get hurt; they can say that the city put the gravel there.


Comments from the Gallery: Ms. Underwood stated that so if the trash trucks come back there, and one of the workers has an accident on our property, will we be liable.


Roberts stated that they have their own liability insurance.


Mayor Horne stated that we have had this discussion before and the work has been done. We can work out the details.


Carswell stated that the city needed to figure out what needs to be done on Moore’s road and maintain these roads within the city limits.



City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 1, 2013

Page 5



McRee stated that if the county has done it for a number of years, and the city has done it for a number of years, it is probably considered to be a public road at this point. If you were to go to the court house and look, it probably shows that few roads actually belong to the city. When a road is developed, they should be dedicated and deeded over to the governing body. These are city roads or county roads. The rest of them just kind come in through use over the years and through government maintaining. Years ago people just took them in as government streets without doing any paper work. If you have a street such as this that has been maintained by the county over a number of years and we annexed it in and we continued to maintain it for several years, then it is probably the city’s.


Myrick asked what did the city need to do from this day forward. Moore said that paper work and documentation needed to be done and on record so it will not come up again.


Carswell asked Moore if his street had a street sign on it. Moore replied sure did, Hickory Hill. Carswell stated that the city needed to see about getting the street sign back up.


Mayor Horne asked about scraping it and coming back out. Moore said that the city did not have anything to scrape it with except the back hoe bucket, noting that the gravel has been done.


Myrick asked if it is flagged, do we accept that, because he is sure that some others are going to have this same problem.


Moore stated get the documentation so we will not have to go over this again.


Moore presented bids for patching some of the bad places in the roads from Shepard Paving and Womack Paving. Shepard Paving gave a bid of $9,300.00 for Davis Cemetery Road and a bid from Womack Paving for $12,235.00. Both companies are going to the same work, soft cut, dig it out, haul off all the debris, install 8 inches of crush and run gravel and two inches of asphalt.  The area that is broken up on Juila Roberts By-pass Shepard Paving gave a bid for $4,500.00 to clean the area, furnish and install AC tar for bonding, furnish and install ½ inch of asphalt overlaying compass. Womack Paving gave a bid on this area and the area on Vinson Road at the carwash. The area at the carwash is in bad shape. Shepard Paving gave a bid of $4,400 for Vinson Road. The combination bid for Womack Paving is $11, 820.00. Both companies gave a bid on 4th Street the entrance at Unimin at the gate and there are 3 to 4 houses in there.  Womack gave a bid of $24, 320.00 for this area. Shepard Paving gave a bid of $13,900.00. Moore stated that we could use the $9,700.00 grant money that is in bank for 4th Street.


Myrick asked can we get some help from Unimin.



City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 1, 2013

Page 6



Moore stated that he asked but has not got a reply yet. Moore stated that all these areas need repairing. Moore stated that he talked to Meg about 4th street and she told him that they were going to cross the Macon Road with the sewage line. Moore stated that Meg told him that she would send him a map but he had not received it yet.


Mayor Horne asked if we wanted to go on and prioritize and get the other two done and wait on the other until we get a response from Unimin or do you want to do it all while they are here.


Moore stated to do it all while they are here. Mixon asked if Shepard Paving had done any work for the city. Moore stated not for the city but for the county. Mixon asked was the work done by Shepard holding up. Moore replied yes, and that he talked with Jeff Smith and he recommended him. They are both insured and bonded.


Mayor Horne stated that the cost is approximately $32, 000.00 all together.


Moore stated that all the areas need repair. Moore said that he is afraid that someone will have a wreck on Davis Cemetery Road. Carswell asked with the work that they are doing are they milling or digging out. Moore stated they are going to dig out David Cemetery Road and Vinson Road and put crush in run back in it. Both companies made the same statement that they would leave the old pavement down for a base and it would be stronger. Carswell stated that we can use the milling on the road that we were just discussing, that way we won’t have do much work to that road. This could be a thought when we do milling again.


Moore made a motion that we repair Davis Cemetery Road for $9, 300.00, Julia Roberts Bypass $4,500.00, Vinson Road for $4, 400.00  paid for through the SPLOST Funds and for 4th street $13, 900.00, we use our grant money plus the $15,000.00 in the budget. We can take it from the budget or from the SPLOST, motion seconded, in discussion.


Roberts stated do we need to vote on SPLOST or budget.


McRee stated that we need to decide now where it will come from.


Mayor Horne stated that it should come from the SPLOST because we are just half way through the year and something else may come up.


Moore stated that we could use the $9,000.00 grant money on 4th street and then finish up with SPLOST. Mayor Horne asked is it going to run all the way to the dirt road. Moore said no, just to the gate; the road that goes up by Earl Veal’s house. Myrick asked was Unimin going to contribute. Moore stated we will see. He said that he had talked to two people up at Unimin, but


City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 1, 2013

Page 7



hasn’t informed them on how much grant money we received. If we could get help from Unimin and use the grant money to make up the $13,900.00 that would be good.


Roberts asked if we needed to rescind the motion.


Moore made a motion to repair Davis Cemetery Road to accept a bid from Shepard Paving for $9, 300.00, to repair Julia Roberts Bypass $4,500.00, to repair Vinson Road for $4, 400.00 to be paid from the SPLOST Funds.  Fourth Street is $13, 900.00, will be paid with LMIG grant money that we have in the bank plus SPLOST funds; motion, seconded by Myrick, no opposition, motion carried.


Scott had nothing to report.


Carswell asked Mayor Horne had the man with the street sweepers contacted her.  Carswell stated that he had got a message from him and stated that he was going to call the city hall to make arrangements to come and demonstrate the street sweeper. The street sweepers are for a parking lot but it can be used on the streets. It will be good for the small streets that we have.  

Mayor Horne noted that the street sweepers pick up grass, and trash and it can go behind the guys when they are cutting grass. Mayor Horne said that the man said he would bring it down here to do a demo for the city. Mixon asked did they get a price on the street sweepers.

Mayor Horne stated that the price is approximately $14,000.00 but he had a demo that he wanted to sell.


Carswell noted that there will be a 7 on 7 foot ball camp held at the park this weekend Friday on the softball field to raise funds for the High School football team. Carswell asked Wayne would he have someone to help with for security. Carswell stated that someone will be getting back with him later in the week to let him know if they are going to have it. A couple College Football players are doing this camp for the local kids. On Saturday, July 6, the Car Show and the Bar-BQ Cook-Off will be held at the Park. Carswell stated that he is waiting for Moscow Lighting to call him regarding the lights on the baseball field. Roberts stated that Moscow had called her this week and that they would replace all the lights on the base ball field. Carswell stated that he needs the number for an electrician to look at the other lights on the basketball court. Carswell asked Moore did Tony get back with him. Moore stated that he told him to get back with Carswell. Mayor Horne asked why Tony stopped doing the work. Moore said that he did the work that we told him to do. Moore stated that Carswell mentioned to him about replacing the lights on the basketball court. He called me and I told him get back with John.


Carswell said that it was some other confusion, that someone else had been hired to replace the lights. The person that they mentioned that was hired to fix the lights is not an electrician. Carswell stated that Tony said that someone came over and confronted him about the work that

City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 1, 2013

Page 8



he was doing and said that someone that works for the City of McIntyre had hired him to work on the lights. Carswell stated that the person was Philip Shinholster. It was said that Philip said that Coach Hagins hired him to work on the lights.


Moore said that this is what Tony told him and he told him to make the repairs that they told him to do.


Carswell stated that we also have the Back to School coming up and we need to discuss how we are going to do it.


Mayor Horne stated that has already purchased a lot of bags when they were on clearance for a $1.00 and $3.00.


Carswell stated that Kroger has come up with something different this time, instead of trying to purchase all the school supplies on the list, they have come up with a box that has approximately 10 to 12 different items in it. The boxes are $10.00. This may be a little cheaper.


Mayor Horne stated that these supplies are just for the citizens of McIntyre because last time there was some confusion. Mayor Horne said she was looking into clearance donations, but has not contacted them yet.  


Scott asked what kind of bags they purchased. Mayor Horne stated that had they purchased back packs, but no clear bags.


Myrick nothing to report.


Mixon asked if anybody contacted the state about the spraying. Moore said that he had spoken with the woman at the Milledgeville office.


McRee stated that he received the contract from Mr. Hulbert last week, and that he reviewed it and it looks ok and he mailed it to Pam last week. McRee asked the council to look over it and at some point vote to sign or not sign and if approved have the Mayor sign it, then have it sent back to Mr. Hulbert for them to sign it on the seller end. McRee stated once it has been signed by both sides, let him know so he can make sure that it has a clear title, then move forward with the closing.  McRee said that he has finished the draft of the contract for the Animal Control with Dr. Dennard’s Office and brought it to Pam earlier this afternoon. At some point and time, look at it and take it up for discussion.




City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 1, 2013

Page 9



Roberts stated that a new application for LMIG had to be completed every year. Roberts stated that she needs a motion for the Mayor to sign the application for the LMIG Grant for 2014. The amount for the grant this year is $11,811. 91.


Mixon motioned that the Mayor signs the application for the LMIG Grant for 2014; seconded by Moore, no opposition, motion carried.


Amerson stated that the city needs to come up with an ordinance against Golf Carts and 4-wheelers being on city streets. There have been a lot of complaints about it. There are no state laws that cover it.  Amerson stated that he thinks it should be done by city ordinance. Amerson asked McRee did he know anything about this.


McRee said that there are some minor state laws on it and then there are some cities that have very specific laws.  McRee stated that they took this up in Ivey several years ago. McRee said that he is not sure if they passed some over there. McRee advised to call to see if they have something in place in Ivey.


Mixon stated that 4-wheerlers are strictly off the road vehicles. McRee stated that he did not know anybody that let 4-wheelers ride up and down the roads.


Amerson stated that other than the state law, he does not have a lot to back him up on this. He stated that there needs to be something in place to charge people and bring them to court to deal with them.  Amerson stated that the law that he found did not have a lot about public highways on it. McRee also stated that they could contact Peachtree City to see what ordinance they have in place.


Myrick stated that he thought in Ivey you had to have a tag on the 4-wheelers. Mayor Horne asked if a Golf Cart ever killed anybody. Amerson stated that he is mostly concern about the 4-wheelers. McRee stated if Ivey did not have anything to suit the city’s needs, then get back with him.


Mayor Horne stated that she had made contact with a lady about assisting us with all the paper that we have in the boxes. She stated that there is a program that can be used and you don’t have to pay anybody; they can train our people on how to do it. Mayor Horne stated that she said that it can save the city some money. The city would need a scanner and that there is a maintenance fee. It will be 3 to 5 cent a copy if they do it. Mayor Horne stated that this may be something the city can look into to get rid of some of these filing cabinets.  Mayor Horne stated that the lady said that she will come down to talk to us at no charge.



City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 1, 2013

Page 10



Mayor Horne stated that she hopes to start working on the budget at the next meeting. Mayor Horne said that we are going to get the budget taken care of early this time.


Myrick said that BASF needed to be contacted again about the chalk.


There were no comments from the Gallery.


Motion to adjourn with no further business was made by Carswell, seconded by Scott, no opposition, motion carried.


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