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NOTICE: McIntyre is under a Level 1 Drought Response: In order to conserve water outside watering is allowed only between 4:00pm and 10:00 am. This applies to both commercial and residential water use, also keep in mind to regularly check for and repair leaks inside and outside. Don't leave tap running when shaving, brushing teeth and face washing. Only water your landscape when necessary and adjust sprinklers so only your lawn is watered and not the house, sidewalk or street.

NOTICE: 2015 CCR Annual Water Quality Report are available at City Hall located at 102 Railroad Street.

Water bills are due on the 15th of each month, a late penalty of $5.00 applies after the 15th, Termination date is the 28th of the current month, bills will need to be paid prior to the 28th, Reconnect fee is $35.00 and is applied to terminated accounts for non-payment. Bill will have to be paid in full to have water restored.

The city of McIntyre strives to offer its citizens the highest quality of service and a safe water system.


Council meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, beginning at 5:00PM, If you would like to be placed on the Agenda for topics, you must call City Hall at 478-946-2037 prior to the meeting date.

Municipal Court is held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm. Ralph Jackson is the honorable Judge, and any discussions pertaining to the court date will need to be discussed either with the Clerk of Court Pamela Roberts at 478-946-2037, or Chief Wayne Amerson at 478-946-3483.

May Day Festival is May 6th, 2017 beginning at 10am. For More information please contact Linda Sanders at 478-946-2037. Applications are also available on the website. T-Shirts are pre-order only this year. Children to XL are $10.00, 1X and up are $13.00.

January 6, 2012


City of McIntyre

Called Meeting

January 6, 2012

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Mayor Horne called meeting to order. 


Present were: Mayor Horne, council members, Vickie Mixon, John Carswell, Rico Myrick, Katherine Scott and Eugene Moore.


Clerk Roberts issued the oath of office to Mayor Horne and Mayor Horne issued oath of office to Vickie Mixon, John Carswell, Rico Myrick, Katherine Scott and Eugene Moore.


Mayor Horne welcomed everyone and stated that she hoped that everyone could work together, and knew that everyone was their own individual with their own way of thinking but hopes that we they could all meet at a common place, and again welcomed everyone and stated that she was so happy.


Mayor asked those that were interested to please stand and join in prayer with John Carswell.


Mayor Horne questioned David about the appointment of Mayor Pro-Tem and officers.

David advised Mayor that all we could do at a called meeting was what was listed on the agenda. Mayor advised Gallery and council that she could not make any appointments tonight and advised council to think about whom they wanted to serve as Mayor Pro-tem.


Mayor Horne addressed the issue of the budget and asked council if they had a chance to look at the budget and ready to approve it. McRee said that you could not approve the budget today, that you would have to have a public hearing, then a vote to approve, that this today was just for them to see if there were any changes to the proposed budget and then you would have the public hearing and approve it after the public hearing.  Mayor asked if everybody had a copy of the budget.


Mayor asked if we could have another meeting so that we can discuss this, so that everyone can have common knowledge about it. David said that would be a good idea so that the new council who had just received their copy of the budget today could review it and then you could establish another called meeting to discuss the budget after everyone had had the chance to review the figures. Mayor said that she would call everyone and see what would be convenient for him or her.


Clerk asked if they did a called meeting could they make the appointment of officers. David said as long as it was on the agenda then it could be discussed.


Mayor Horne presented council with signature cards and asked everyone to sign.


Mayor Horne said that the next thing on the Agenda was the hiring of part-time employees. Horne said that there were several positions that the city needed to get advertised in the paper. One of them is another part-time clerk, and the other one is the street department and the next one was for the water department. Horne said that she believed that we calculated these positions and the amounts that they will be paid into the budget also. Horne said that hopefully if council goes ahead and votes on it, then it will be in next week’s paper. Mayor asked about the qualifications for each department. Mayor asked if council wanted to use the old advertisements or create new


City of McIntyre

Called Meeting

January 6, 2012

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one. Horne also said that she hopes that that the person they hire for the administrative position have some type of computer skills.


Myrick asked if she had said part-time clerk and water department and street. Horne said yes. Mayor said that each department would be approximately 32 hours.


Council agreed that each applicant must have a valid drivers license. Clerk asked if the water applicant needed to be certified. Myrick said yes.  Moore asked certified for what, Myrick stated for the water department. Moore said that we were looking for a certified person part time. Myrick said that was correct. Myrick said that we would need to get a background check on each. Carswell asked about the qualifications for street personnel as far as equipment. Myrick said that they should know how to operate light equipment.  Mixon said that would also go for the water department. Mayor Horne suggested putting in the ad about salary being negotiable. McRee said that you could leave that out all together and discuss it at times of interview. Mayor Horne asked how long would we advertise. Myrick said that normally 2 weeks. Mayor Horne said that we would be looking to hire in February. Myrick said correct. Mayor Horne said it needed to be noted that we do pre-employment drug testing. Moore asked about running it in just the Wilkinson County Post. Mayor Horne said that it was up to council. Carswell asked about putting it with the Department of Labor, saying that they could weed out a lot of the applicants, by qualifications and experience without having someone do it here. Scott said that she believed we needed to try to hire from Wilkinson County, before we went outside of the county. Horne said that is what we normally do. Clerk asked it they still wanted to advertise at the Department of Labor and the Union Recorder. McRee said that he thought that would be a good thing to do.


Motion was made to advertise for positions in the Wilkinson County Post, The Union Recorder, and the Department of Labor, by Moore, seconded by Myrick, no opposition, motion carried.


With no other business on the agenda, motion to adjourn was made by Myrick, seconded by Carswell, no opposition, motion carried.



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