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NOTICE: McIntyre is under a Level 1 Drought Response: In order to conserve water outside watering is allowed only between 4:00pm and 10:00 am. This applies to both commercial and residential water use, also keep in mind to regularly check for and repair leaks inside and outside. Don't leave tap running when shaving, brushing teeth and face washing. Only water your landscape when necessary and adjust sprinklers so only your lawn is watered and not the house, sidewalk or street.

NOTICE: 2015 CCR Annual Water Quality Report are available at City Hall located at 102 Railroad Street.

Water bills are due on the 15th of each month, a late penalty of $5.00 applies after the 15th, Termination date is the 28th of the current month, bills will need to be paid prior to the 28th, Reconnect fee is $35.00 and is applied to terminated accounts for non-payment. Bill will have to be paid in full to have water restored.

The city of McIntyre strives to offer its citizens the highest quality of service and a safe water system.


Council meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, beginning at 5:00PM, If you would like to be placed on the Agenda for topics, you must call City Hall at 478-946-2037 prior to the meeting date.

Municipal Court is held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm. Ralph Jackson is the honorable Judge, and any discussions pertaining to the court date will need to be discussed either with the Clerk of Court Pamela Roberts at 478-946-2037, or Chief Wayne Amerson at 478-946-3483.

May Day Festival is May 6th, 2017 beginning at 10am. For More information please contact Linda Sanders at 478-946-2037. Applications are also available on the website. T-Shirts are pre-order only this year. Children to XL are $10.00, 1X and up are $13.00.

July 2, 2012 Minutes

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 2, 2012

Page 1


Mayor Horne called meeting to order, led in prayer by Council Member John Carswell.


Present were: Mayor Horne, Council Members, Vickie Mixon, Rico Myrick, John Carswell, Katherine Scott and Eugene Moore.


Motion to approve the June 18th minutes as presented was made by Mixon, seconded by Myrick, no opposition, motion carried.


Motion to approve the June 18th executive session minutes as presented was made by Myrick, seconded by Scott, no opposition motion carried.


With no new business or old business to discuss, Mayor Horne asked for reports.




Moore stated that the striping was scheduled to begin Monday. Moore said that there was some work that still needed to be done and that he had rode with Todd to look over those areas.

Moore informed council that the repair work to the bridge had been completed. Moore said that he had contacted Theo’s in Milledgeville about the building for the Sprayer truck and was told that they were an agent for R&B. Moore spoke with R&B about the building and they said that they would be faxing a request for Fed ID number to Pam, but that he had spoken with Pam and that she had not received the fax. Moore said that he would call them back.  Horne asked Moore about the landscaping for City Hall, Moore said that he had talked to another guy but hasn’t received a quote yet.


Scott had no report.


Carswell said that he brought back some information from the class in Savannah. Carswell said that Chatham County had a youth commission and this commission was based on kids in grades 9th through 12th and that the gentleman over the program is Van Johnson. Carswell said that if we get in contact with him, all that they require is that we feed the group of kids that he brings over and they will come over and help us set up a youth commission or a youth council board. Carswell explained that these kids have traveled all over the world and have seen a lot of stuff. Carswell explained that the Chatham County Youth Commission had their own council, and that they had elected officials within the council, that they had to maintain their grades and that there were a lot of things that they couldn’t be involved in like facebook, Carswell explained that the whole program was monitored, and that this past year they graduated 22 kids and that 80% of these kids went on to graduate college. Carswell said that he brought this information to see if this may be a program that McIntyre may be interested in starting. Carswell said that there were other areas that have duplicated this program. He said that Fulton County had one and that Prince

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 2, 2012

Page 2


George County in Maryland, Cash County, North Dakota started one and Miami Dade County, Florida. Last year Miami Dade started their program and brought in, through grants and other things, donations $82,000.00. Mixon asked the name of the program was, the Chatham County Youth Commission Carswell confirmed but said that if McIntyre had one it would probably be the McIntyre Youth Council or we could do it with a commission. Carswell said that even if we didn’t start that program, maybe we could start something to get the youth interested, explained that they were the future leaders of our City.


Carswell said they were having a movie night at the park on July 6th, and that they were trying to have a back to school summer jam on Friday July 27th, and that they were asking for donations of school supplies and uniforms, Carswell said City hall would be a drop off point.


Myrick had no report;


Mixon asked Carswell about getting the job description for the park director, Carswell said that he did not. Scott asked what was if for, Mixon explained that it was for the duties of the park director. Scott gave Mixon some information that she had pulled off the internet.


Carswell said that some of the equipment for the park had arrived.


Clerk Roberts advised council that SPLOST funds could be used for the sprayer building, if Attorney said it was for either Public Safety or Road and Bridges, and that she had spoken to McRee and he said either could be used.  Roberts explained that SPLOST could not be used for the new park playground equipment, because Recreation was not listed on the 2007 SPLOST.


Mayor Horne said that she had spoken with Craig with the State Road Department about doing something with Crape Myrtles.  Horne said that Craig said that DOTdidn’t like for cities to plant in the medians.  Horne said that he advised her to write a letter requesting that the city be allowed to plant the Myrtles. Horne said but with the way Craig was talking that the city wouldn’t be able to do it.


Horne said that we had talked about cleaning up some of the property around here. Horne said that she had talked with some of the people in the class, who were saying that some small areas like that she and Moore had looked at, that the city could offer the people money or something and clean up that area, then sell it, that she had spoken with McRee about it. That it may be one of the options we have to get rid of some of the bad property. Horne said that maybe we could volunteer and put a truck out there. Horne asked McRee about that. McRee said that you had talked about volunteering before, using people on their off time, but didn’t think you could use actual city equipment, but then McRee said that yes you could, just as long as you didn’t go onto the property. McRee said that the debris could be left at the side of the road and the city could pick it up. Horne commented on the house at the top of the hill, that it could have been

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 2, 2012

Page 3


included in the CHIP project had it been without so much clutter and debris. Myrick asked about having the property owner sign a waiver that if we were to bring equipment on the property that we wouldn’t be responsible for any damage. McRee said that there is a problem today in that cities are not suppose to convey gratuities to anybody and if you use city paid man power or city equipment, then that violates the gratuities clause of the constitution. McRee explained that would be giving someone a gratuity by doing that, explaining that someone could say why don’t you cut my grass, since you cleaned up their yard, and that would be offering a gratuity by doing that cleanup. McRee said that people can volunteer on their hours and the city can haul off what is put on the side of the road.


Moore said that Paul Brack told him about the house on Macon Road, that they had some stuff, but once they got it empty then they would give the city permission to take it down. McRee said that they could have them sign a waiver and have the fire department use it for fire training, or something like that. Horne said that they were trying to make some moves around here, but that they were going to have to do it as a team.  McRee said that he knew of several communities that used a program named spring cleaning. The city would supply the garbage bags and t-shirts, did more than just pick up trash, they could cut limbs, and remove other debris. Horne said that they had tried that but didn’t get any volunteers. Moore said that the street workers picked up trash to Ms. Bently’s and back, around the city hall and post office. McRee said that the next time we tried to start a cleanup program, to get some corporate sponsors and promote it with business sponsorship.


Moore advised council that Old Hickory, formally M&M Clay, had built a new office. 


Mayor and Moore will work together on a cleanup plan.


Mayor said that she had spoken with Wayne about getting a code enforcement officer, actually having one of the officers trained. Mayor said that someone in class had given her an organization by the name of GACE, Georgia Association of Code Enforcement. Mayor Horne said that it was $50.00. Mayor Horne said that she knew we didn’t have a lot of codes, but that we needed someone that was trained, and someone that could use kid gloves going on to citizens property and talking with them about cleaning up. Mayor Horne said that on their web-site they had dummy copies of citations we could issue, and forms for people with financial hardships, that they had several forms that we could use.


McRee said that the city could work with the Regional Commission about codes and they could work on a land use code for McIntyre.


Mayor Horne asked McRee if we needed to vote on having someone trained for code-enforcement, David said that council did not have to vote that the Mayor could appoint someone.



City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 2, 2012

Page 4




Dwan Davis invited council again to participate in the Ride for Literacy, with the opening of the new school, on August 4rd, 2012 and that she did have forms available for them and registration for forms for that, and the cost was $5.00 for participation and $25.00 for sponsorship, and that all proceeds would be divided between all four schools. Davis also advised of the open house would be on July 26th at 4pm.


Joyce Martin asked the city about the shrubbery at the end of Pine Circle at Macon road, and how it causes vision impairment. Mayor Horne asked was it on the Thompson property, Myrick said that it is on the right-of-way. Moore said that he would work on it.


Mayor Horne addressed Mr. Jim Tharpe with BASF, who said that he would be the superintendent at Toddville in two weeks and that between Chris Towers and he would be in attendance.


Mayor Horne said that she was glad he was here and would probably be overwhelmed with questions, and that she was happy that BASF was here, but that she wasn’t happy with the chalk right now.  Tharpe said that when looking back in time, that it was way better than it was, not where they wanted it, but better. Tharpe explained that in the last couple of years, the state under title V, issued a lot of very tight dusting restrictions that they are under now and that they have worked hard and used a lot of resources to get better. Tharpe said the sooner they know of the problem, then it is easier for them to deal with it. Tharpe gave Council his personal cell phone number and that of Chris Towers and also informed council that they could talk to Jeff Dixon. Mayor Horne said that she had begun keeping a log. Horne and Myrick questioned Tharpe about getting a place citizens could ride through to rinse the chalk from their cars.


Moore questioned Tharpe about the mosquitos at the ponds, and questioned about BASF still using the pellets. Tharpe said that he didn’t know if they were using them, that it was the first he had heard of it, and that he would check into it. Mixon questioned about the swarms of bugs that hit the cars at the pond at Gordon-McIntyre Road. Tharpe didn’t know if BASF could do anything about them, that he wasn’t sure what they were.


Horne advised council that city cell phone numbers would be included in the next news letter.


Carswell advised council that he had met a man at the convention who installs equipment for playgrounds, and showed interest in bringing his equipment to McIntyre. Carswell explained that they had this new equipment that is pretty much like a water park. Carswell said that the equipment would be using water, and would be sending the city information and offered to bring some to set up at the park. Mayor Horne asked about managing the germs in the water. Davis

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 2, 2012

Page 5


from the gallery said that the water wouldn’t be a constant run of water and the way they controlled the cleanliness at the larger parks would be the same way they treated these. 


Moore said that he did attend the GDOT title VI class over in Macon, and that it dealt with receiving federal highway funds, and that if the city doesn’t have a program a title VI program, and that the city is not required to have on because we are less than 50 employees, but the city does have to adopt the GDOT program if we received any federal highway funds, and run all the ads according to their specs. Moore said that he knew of one paragraph in the USDA requirements that we have to comply with Title VI. Horne said that she was sure that it had to do with disabilities. Mayor Horne said that we had to get someone to get to do the inspection, Moore said that he had copies of the inspection forms for a walk through, that we could do ourselves, and that he had a copy of the Sandersville ADA plan. Horne asked if we could have someone local to do that for us or did we have to have someone certified. Moore said that he thought we could do it ourselves. Horne asked Moore if he could help us do that.  Moore said that he would like to congratulate our Mayor on being elected 2nd vice president of the six district caucus. 


With no other business to discuss, motion of adjournment was made by Mixon, seconded by Carswell, no opposition, motion carried.




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