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June 15, 2011 – Called Council Meeting

City of McIntyre

Called Council Meeting

June 15, 2011

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Mayor Horne called meeting to order and explained that this was a called meeting with Fred Hawkins to discuss the wastewater treatment center.

Present were: Mayor Vickie Horne, Council members, Jerry Shinholster, Natalie Underwood, Raymond Cole and Vickie Mixon, absent was Rico Myrick. 

Mr. Hawkins said that USDA made comments on the Engineering Report that’s also called the PER and that they have addressed those comments and that he had given everyone copies.

Mr. Hawkins said that the comments are kind of strange. He explained that he didn’t believe that the comments were done in the state. He explained that everyone would recall that Bill Perry the state USDA Engineered retired back in September and until Feb. hadn’t hired a engineer. Now they have hired an engineer named Ricky Adair and he’s referenced in the comments. Hawkins explained that Ricky had not reviewed these comments, that they come from another USDA engineer from another state and that they are a little different from what normally is required in Georgia, so to be sure, Rindt-McDuff called Ricky Adair and informed him that the comments were a little different than you would normally require and since he was new, and asked if they submitted them would he be comfortable with them. Adair said yes, but there was one other thing that he would like to have changed. Instead of the Present work Analysis he would like an annual cost analysis called a life cycle cost, but the truth is that they are the same. One is called Present work and the other life cycle cost. They do exactly the same function; the one with the less cost is the cheaper alternative so they just redid it.

 Hawkins referred to the responses that council had before them and explained that they were submitted on the 14th of June. That he just wanted everyone to have copies of the responses and the letter.

Hawkins commented on the Engineering report, saying that USDA still has not reviewed the environmental report. He explained that they call about every week, and that he had called Kathy Ross this week but haven’t heard back from her, but last time that he talked with her, she said that it was being reviewed. Mr. Hawkins said that they had already done the EPD requirements. That they had done the endangered species, the archeologist work, which is all advanced work that the USDA doesn’t require, so that they are ahead of USDA, now they were waiting on what USDA would say.

Referring to the letter Mr. Hawkins said that USDA is telling them that they do not have the completed review for the environmental report. Mr. Hawkins said that usually these documents were view simultaneously, but USDA didn’t do that, but that Rindt-McDuff had had some transition in the agency staffing and that they would work them through this. He said that they were still waiting on the ER, which is the Environmental report to come back, that they had to get the comments back from that and address those. He said as soon as those are addressed and the engineering report is approved, that they had the application, everything was ready to go, and now they are waiting on the docket conference where they make the city some type of offer whether grant and or loan and they may tell us that there is no grant monies available that we will have to wait or if you want to use loan money now and wait on grant money later. Mr. Hawkins said that the good news was that USDA did turn the faucet back on and that about 11 million

City of McIntyre

Called Council Meeting

June 15, 2011

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dollars was sent to Georgia about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately we are waiting on Atlanta, and until we get them to finish their work, we aren’t in line for the money, so that’s where everything stands right now.

Hawkins said that last time he was down, that there was talk of pulling political support together. Questions were asked about who to talk to and how we do it, and that he had some ideas about that.

Mayor Horne asked if there was anything on their end, they could do to help speed up the process as far as the environmental report. Hawkins said other than picking up the phone and calling Kathy Ross and asking them to please hurry up.

Cole said he had spoken with Ms. Ross and asked if there was anyone we could go and talk to, anybody over her that might move the process. Cole said that he really didn’t get any information from Ms. Ross.

Hawkins explained that the problem that you have with regulators, is if you make them mad then they get upset and then it’s going to be hard to get stuff approved.

Underwood asked if the money that had recently been sent down to the state was all that was coming in this year. She asked if the city was just going to get in line for the money next year. She asked if it wasn’t basically the same time line that we were looking at anyway. Hawkins said that he wanted to be in line for money last year, reminding council that they had submitted this last year in September and its been on their list, but so has everyone else. Hawkins said as long as everyone was treated the same then ok, but if someone comes along and gets all the grant money, then he would not be happy with that.

Cole said that was what he was trying to talk with her about, but he was having trouble with echoes through the phone while he was talking. He said that he explained to Ross that the city thought they were first in line for the money, but found out that we wasn’t even on the list. Hawkins said that it was because it was due to their USDA failure to review. Hawkins said that even if all this had been approved, referring to the engineer report, they still wouldn’t write the grant until the environmental report is approved.

Hawkins said he had met David Franks, County Manager at an ACCG conference and discussed having a “stake” in meeting. Which applied to anyone that could benefit or be hurt by the lack of a system. Franks said that if they did that then we can get around worrying about getting all our council, commissioners together, that typically in this type of meeting he would get himself, the chairman and the commissioner that is in charge of McIntyre area and then they would meet with three people from McIntyre. Hawkins asked if McIntyre knew who those three people might be, and the engineer, and the Mayor of Irwinton, and a representative of the school system and meet around a table and wouldn’t have to advertise or anything, just discuss the best way to get pressure applied so the McIntyre project could be taken care of, because if McIntyre gets their grant then the school gets taken care of, Wilkinson County gets taken care of, Irwinton gets taken care of, everybody’s happy and McIntyre gets their sewer system.

City of McIntyre

Called Council Meeting

June 15, 2011

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Hawkins said that Bubba Epps has been a great supporter of the system, and perhaps maybe one of the solutions is to get Bubba to coordinate a meeting with the representatives, maybe Austin Scott, Johnny Isackson, and Chambly, which are in Washington DC, but surely we could get some local representatives to actually come over here, or perhaps load up to go to Atlanta, Tifton, or Warner Robins where ever there may be an office, but figures if we get political brains in the ring, and everybody’s got a stake in it and everybody wants it to go,  Hawkins noted that the representatives would probably have a lot of political ideas.

Cole commented on it getting to involved when it was primarily for McIntyre. Hawkins said that he advised David, that he would have to understand that this meeting would be to figure out the political avenue not to say that the county was now running this project, nor was the City of Irwinton or Board of Education.  This is simply a meeting to see what the best approach for this to go forward.

Cole said that in having this meeting with everyone, that they would want us to go with the higher ways of doing it, and possible costing more, and that the City of McIntyre simply couldn’t afford to do that. Hawkins said then the City of McIntyre would ask them to pony up the money.

Cole said that when, in most cases, attending a meeting with the county, they all want to have an input in it. Cole said that he knew that they would want to advise us to go ahead with a loan. Hawkins said that if the City would allow him to moderate this meeting, then he would say, that this meeting is simply for ideas, and that we would appreciate the support but the City of McIntyre is going to do what it wants with this project.

Cole said that he understood that the county needed the sewer system and so did the Board of Education. Hawkins said that Franks concurred with the same, and the other thing that he said Franks said was that he did not want for it to appear that he was trying to push into this thing, and try to tell the city what to do, that all Franks wanted to do was offer up any ideas that the County has. The meeting is not to figure out the plan or the funding, its just to say what is the best political push, what’s the best thing McIntyre can do that will serve everybody’s political interest.

Horne said that Franks had told her that the county would be willing to help the City of McIntyre as much as they could. That they didn’t want to interfere with what McIntyre is doing.

Hawkins said that the county looks at McIntyre as the one that went out on the limb, and bought the land and spent the money to build the wastewater system that is much needed.

Hawkins said that the County loved the plans.

Cole said that the City needed the school to keep the cost down, and Hawkins said revenue was critical. Cole said that if we have this meeting, that ideas would be great, that the County may know somebody that could help.

Horne said that in talking about the cost in previous meetings, the cost was low, but Franks said that with the courthouse and jailhouse rates could be even cheaper.

City of McIntyre

Called Council Meeting

June 15, 2011

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Hawkins said that he had several representatives’ local contacts and their phone numbers.  Hawkins said that he wanted to speak with Bubba Epps, and see if he could pull this together.  Hawkins said that he felt that we weren’t at the point where this meeting was a must, and that he hoped that the ER report would be in within the next couple of weeks. Mayor Horne asked who was reviewing the ER, Hawkins said that he believed that the report was being reviewed out of state.

Cole asked who was over Kathy Ross; Hawkins said that it was Jerry Thomas, which is over the state. Hawkins said that he had met with Thomas three months ago.

Hawkins said that he was still in the opinion that this is going to happen pretty quickly, to please allow him to continue to put pressure on Ross, and see if he can get it done. Cole said to go ahead and set up the meeting.

Horne reminded council and Hawkins that the Health Dept. was also in support of this system, not to forget them in the meeting. Hawkins said once the reports were approved then we could use the political push for the monies; know that Ross had basically said the same thing when she visited with the city. Hawkins said that he had spoken with Ross and said that the system had a lot of support. Hawkins said that he could get Ross to attend meetings as well as set meetings up with her in Sandersville.

Conversation continued concerning the avenues that would be taken to seek funds for the sewer system. Who might the city get to run the sewer system, whoever that person is, needs to be educated and trained within that area? Hawkins said that he could help with finding someone who could do that. Hawkins talked about ways for the area to be taken care of. He told the city that hay would be the best thing to use. He advised cutting the timber, with out grubbing, leaving the stumps, the contractor would remove those and plant Bermuda grass. Hawkins said that you could use the land for any non-edible field. Horne asked if you could put concrete floored storage units out there. Hawkins said yes.

Horne asked about meeting with Epps. Hawkins said that he liked the idea about others venturing in.

Conversation continued concerning the meeting and the possibility of pulling Epps in for political support and ways to pull the support from the county and other cities, and discussed several entities that need to be pulled in. Hawkins is to schedule meeting. Hawkins asked where they would like to have the meeting. Horne and Cole said that the conference room would be suitable. Hawkins said that Burns from Irwinton seemed to be the spokesman for Irwinton.

Horne suggested that 3 council members speak at the meeting, but wanted Hawkins to be the main speaker. Horne said that all council would need to be on their best behavior. That this was beneficial to the city as well as the county.

Hawkins spoke of ways that the county and Irwinton could apply for grants to run the necessary lines.

City of McIntyre

Called Council Meeting

June 15, 2011

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Hawkins thanked everyone for his or her time and appreciated everyone’s corporation. Hawkins said that if the city wanted him to, he could print out the invitations for the meeting.  Hawkins said that he would set up a meeting with Ross if the City wanted him to.

Horne suggested maybe having the meeting at the Senior Center. Shinholster suggested having Franks find the building if the City would supply the food and host the meeting.

Hawkins said that hopefully by the end of July things would be where we want them.

Horne thanked Hawkins for attending.

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