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NOTICE: McIntyre is under a Level 1 Drought Response: In order to conserve water outside watering is allowed only between 4:00pm and 10:00 am. This applies to both commercial and residential water use, also keep in mind to regularly check for and repair leaks inside and outside. Don't leave tap running when shaving, brushing teeth and face washing. Only water your landscape when necessary and adjust sprinklers so only your lawn is watered and not the house, sidewalk or street.

NOTICE: 2015 CCR Annual Water Quality Report are available at City Hall located at 102 Railroad Street.

Water bills are due on the 15th of each month, a late penalty of $5.00 applies after the 15th, Termination date is the 28th of the current month, bills will need to be paid prior to the 28th, Reconnect fee is $35.00 and is applied to terminated accounts for non-payment. Bill will have to be paid in full to have water restored.

The city of McIntyre strives to offer its citizens the highest quality of service and a safe water system.


Council meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, beginning at 5:00PM, If you would like to be placed on the Agenda for topics, you must call City Hall at 478-946-2037 prior to the meeting date.

Municipal Court is held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm. Ralph Jackson is the honorable Judge, and any discussions pertaining to the court date will need to be discussed either with the Clerk of Court Pamela Roberts at 478-946-2037, or Chief Wayne Amerson at 478-946-3483.

May Day Festival is May 6th, 2017 beginning at 10am. For More information please contact Linda Sanders at 478-946-2037. Applications are also available on the website. T-Shirts are pre-order only this year. Children to XL are $10.00, 1X and up are $13.00.

May 6, 2013

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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Mayor Pro-tem Rico Myrick called meeting to order, led in prayer by Council member John Carswell.


Present were Council members, Rico Myrick, Vickie Mixon, John Carswell, Katherine Scott, and Eugene Moore, Mayor Vicki Horne joined meeting at 5:13pm, also present were Clerk Pamela Roberts, Chief Wayne Amerson, and City Attorney David McRee.


Motion to approve the April 15, 2013 minutes as presented was made by Mixon, seconded by Moore, no opposition motion carried.


Myrick presented the agenda, stating the Kevin Jones was not present and moved to old business.


Myrick presented the change of ordinance that would extend the operating hours until 2:00am for clubs.


Mixon said that she would like to make a motion to leave it as it was. Moore said that he thought the they had to read it tonight, Roberts said that it would have to be presented tonight and voted on at the next meeting. McRee said that it was discussed at the last meeting; Roberts said that it was, but that Mayor Horne had tabled it until Myrick was present. Myrick asked McRee what to do. McRee said that it had to be formally presented tonight and voted on at the 20th meeting.  Roberts asked McRee if Myrick just presented it. McRee said yes, then they could have any discussion among themselves.


Myrick said that he was presenting the ordinance change that he didn’t agree with, but that Mayor Horne was in the office. Carswell asked what about the change that he didn’t agree with. Myrick said that it was the same thing, the closing at 12:00am. Carswell explained that was what the new ordinance was doing, extending the hours until 2:00am. Roberts and Carswell said that what Myrick had in his hands was the new ordinance. Myrick questioned if they change it at the last meeting, Carswell said that nothing had been changed that what needed to be done now, was that the ordinance needed to be presented and at the next meeting and council would vote on it.


Myrick asked was there any discussion, Mixon said that she still wasn’t in agreement with it and if they couldn’t sell anything after at 12:00, that they were loosing money staying open until 2:00am, because they can’t go outside and drink, and they can’t sell anything so why would they want to stay open. Myrick asked if Mixon wanted them to close at 12:00, Mixon said that she did, just like it stated in the ordinance, noting that they can’t go anywhere and get some, and bring it to the club, because they can’t go outside


City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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and drink it because there is no loitering and if they go outside that is loitering and questioned why changing it.


McRee said that council could move on to the next item on the agenda, Myrick said so we are going to table it, McRee said no that it has been presented at this meeting and would be voted on at the next.




Mixon had no report.


Scott had no report.


Moore said that he had something that he and Myrick had talked about, and thought there was a need for it, and that was to have an electrician under something like a contract retainer that we could call in, and know that they were coming, saying that they would be on a retainer. Moore said that he had spoken with Lugand and Tony Bentley and that they had agreed to it, and what council would have to do is get McRee to draw up a contract, the cost would be a $400.00 monthly retainer, and they would handle any problems at the well or the park and city hall, noting that the $400 would be equal to the first 8 hours of work.  Scott asked if anything over 8 hours would the city have to pay then, Moore said that was right, but that he and Myrick had discussed it and felt like the city needed it. Scott asked if the city had any problems with someone coming out. Myrick said that they had, especially with the well, and explained that they had an issue about 2-3 weeks ago, when around 11:00pm the pumps went down and they had to call Helton. Scott asked what time did they come, Moore said around 11:00pm. Scott asked how much did they charge, Moore said that Tony Bentley had already come and was working on the problem and that they had gotten one well going that way and when Helton got here they got the other pump working. Moore explained that they took a new electrical starter from the new house and put it in the old pump house, but that he knew walking around at the park, that Carswell had some work that needed to be done up there.


Moore said that there was a lot of broken conduit and exposed wires at the park, explaining that the electrician under retainer would take care of those problems too. Scott asked what they would charge per hour after the first 8 hours; Moore said that he thought it would be $50.00 and that there were three of them that worked together, Lugand Bentley, Tony Bentley and Joel Ussery. Myrick asked about Helton, Moore said that Helton would be coming from Sandersville, and would be charging from the time he got into his vehicle until the time he got home, and that the city would be paying him for 2 hours of travel. Mixon asked how long did it take them to get the water running when it went down. Moore said that he thought Tony had been working for about two hours when City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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they got the one pump working. Scott asked if both pumps went down at the same time, Myrick said yes, that the starter had stopped working, Scott asked if they both were working now, Myrick said yes, but that you still had to work the probe at the tank manually, explaining that it worked off of a telephone connection, and from what he understood Moore saying before the meeting that the telephone company had turned it over to AT&T, Myrick asked Clerk if she knew about that, Clerk said that she had called, Myrick asked if she had known about it before she called, Clerk said that they switched it because she had called, that she had spoken with Paul Walker and he had called her back saying that they were still having issues, and switched the pump line over to AT&T.


Carswell reported that the May Day Festival had been rescheduled to the 25th of May, unless Mayor Horne changes it.


Carswell said that like what Mr. Moore had said and that he did have some issues at the park concerning the electrical, explaining that he didn’t have lights up there Friday night, and that they needed to get that fixed. Carswell said that it had been reported that the lights had been tested, but when they turned the power on, they were in the dark, that the lights were half working on the basketball court and the ones that were working on the baseball field were facing outward. Carswell said that the lights at Coach Hagins office needed to be repaired and the covers were in the office. Myrick said that the lights at the ball park were handled by Muscow, and that they were hard to blow that each one had a fuse in it, down in the lower panel. Carswell said that some of those lights that had timers, the sensors had burned completely out on the actual poles and they had been melted.  Carswell said that the issues were there and that it was a hazard. Mixon asked if the park was still closed, and if it is that hazardous, then it needs to be closed until it is repaired. Mixon said that if you are talking about different things being a liability to the city, and if they were having electrical problems, then it definitely needs to be closed. Myrick asked Carswell if the lights on the ball field were working, Carswell said that no they weren’t. Mixon said but Carswell said that there were other things up there exposed. Carswell said yes, but that Willie was suppose to be taking care of some of that stuff, but then Willie and them aren’t electricians, but that he could go up there and cut the lines, but that doesn’t make him an electrician. Mixon said that’s what she was saying; that if it isn’t safe, then it needs to be closed.


Mayor Horne entered and Carswell explained what they had been discussing. Mayor Horne said that she would go along with what needed to be done, that if they had exposed wires, then common sense would tell you to get an electrician. Carswell asked if they needed a motion to get the electrician, or bring Mayor Horne up to speed on the electrician, explaining that it wouldn’t be just for the park, but for the whole city. Mayor Horne said that usually when they have electrical problems they call someone to come in

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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a repair it. Moore explained to the Mayor that what they had discussed was having someone under contract for a monthly retainer and saying that contract would cover the first 8 hours and they would be obligated to come. Mayor asked what was the cost, Moore said $400.00, Mayor asked after 8, Moore said about $50 per hour. Mayor asked how much had it cost in the past; Moore said about $50 per hour. Mayor questioned how much had we paid in the past. Clerk said that the bill she had received from Helton on the last repair was about five hundred and sixty something. Mayor Horne asked was that cheaper, Moore said no, Scott asked about the first 8 hours, Moore said that bill from Helton was for when he left Sandersville, and that he was here for about an hour and went back to Sandersville, that he had charged for the time he left Sandersville until he got back. Mayor Horne asked whom were we going to get for contract. Moore said that he had spoken with Tony Bentley, Lugand Bentley and Joel Ussery and that they would do it. Scott asked it they worked together; Moore said that they did. Mayor Horne said that they wanted to do what was best for the city, not necessary the cheapest but the less costly.


Mayor Horne advised Clerk to research past history for electrical services, and they would revisit the issues.


Myrick questioned the park; Mayor Horne asked were they going up there, Myrick said that they would. Moore said that he knew that the city had gotten a bill the last month or so, Clerk said that it was for the repair of the flag pole lights and installation of them at the flag pole at the Police Department.


Mayor asked Clerk to compile information.


Carswell said that Willie had a quick fix for the issues at the park he said to cut the power in the building and cut the wires, explaining that the wires that were exposed were from when they moved the building, but noted that they did need an electrician for other issues.


Mayor Horne asked why would you want to close the park, when people were using it, that if there were electrical issues, get someone up there to repair it. Mixon said that the way he talked about it when he first started talking about it, that is was a hazard and danger, and that if the park is that hazardous, shut it down until we can get it repaired, and if it’s not leave it alone, and if the city gets sued then so be it. Mayor Horne said that she would like all the council to go to the park and see what issues there are, because she didn’t know all of them, but thought some were suppose to be resolved.  Moore said at the first gate and entrance, there were exposed wires, by the basketball court there are exposed wires, behind the refreshment there are exposed wires and several places he saw where wires were exposed from the conduit and out of the box. Scott asked if his City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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electrician could repair, Moore said that they could. Carswell said that some of these issues were suppose to be taken care of, and that some of these issues he was not aware of but would get it done. Mayor Horne asked if they could go to the park after the meeting, Moore said that he would.


Felton Swicord from the Gallery commented that these issues were serious violations, and McIntyre could get in serious trouble, and agreed with Mixon that if there are issues at the park then it does need to be closed. Mayor Horne said that the issues would be addressed and repairs would be made. Mayor Horne said that they did not want anyone to get hurt. Swicord said that it was on record and the city is aware of it, mayor Horne said that the issues would be resolved.


Mixon noted that it was very nice to come under the bridge and not rattle all the way to City Hall.


Mayor Horne addressed Kevin Jones, and explained that he had only five minutes. Mayor Horne said that they were waiting on Willie to get there. Jones asked what was going to happen with this meter, was he still liable to pay for the meter. Mayor Horne explained that if there were no meter there, according to city statue, you would have to pay to have a meter placed. Jones requested a copy of the stature and said that he was told that usually meters, when someone moved that they were taken up, and commented that there were five locations with no one living there but had meters. Mayor Horne stated that she couldn’t speak of other places, but that if there is no meter there, and you move there  then you were going to have to have a meter put there, Jones said that there was a meter there previously. Mayor Horne asked the clerk if Mr. Jones had a bill, the clerk said that he did not, Jones again said that there was a meter there, Mayor Horne reiterated that Mr. Jones did not have services in his name, and no meter was there, that he would have to pay to have a meter placed there. Mayor Horne said that she was informed by the Water Department that water was being taken, and that there were locks placed on the previous meter and the locks were taken off, so they removed the meter, therefore in order to have a meter installed Jones would have to pay. Jones said that he asked the clerk from 2009 until 2013 how much water had been taken, and was told that no water had been used, Jones said then he asked if there was no water used, how could the water be taken. Mayor Horne said that the meter was gone, and that he was going to have to pay. Jones said that the reason the meter was taken was because water was being stolen from the meter, Mayor Horne said that she checked into it and that’s what she was told. Jones indicated the Clerk knowing, but Mayor Horne said that the clerk did not go out and read the meters; Jones said that she had the paperwork, she could look it up the computer, Mayor Horne said that the clerk did not have any record of Mr. Jones having services. Mayor Horne asked Mr. Jones if he ever had a bill here, and he said no, Scott asked Jones if he City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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had ever gotten water here, and he said no. Mayor Horne said that he had to pay for the meter. Scott asked Jones if he ever lived there, Jones said that he put the trailer there, Scott asked how many days did he live there, Jones said the he put the trailer there, then got locked up, and never stayed there. Conversation ensued between Jones and Council, with Mayor Horne stating that Mr. Jones would have to pay.


Myrick questioned Carswell about entering into executive session; Carswell said that he would do it at another time.




Ms. Bowher said that they were there to ask again that council not extend the hours for the clubs.


Question from gallery member asked for explanation on the old ordinance and the new ordinance pertaining to the closing times of the clubs. Mayor Horne asked clerk if she would explain. Clerk Roberts said that the original ordinance was that any club had to close at 12:00 on a Saturday night, the new ordinance would extend the closing time from 12:00 until 2:00, but you would still not be able to sell alcohol nor consume alcohol on the premises from 12:00 until 2:00, and that was basically the only change there is. The next question was what made the change to where they had to close at 12:00, had there been a record of incidents. Mayor Horne said that Chief Amerson was the one that could better explain that, and that there had been some incidents, that his people went out to do the investigations.


Chief Amerson said that the ordinance had always been 12:00, but that he had given leeway over the years out of the goodness of his heart, but over the past couple of years or so, things had escalated and had a lot more trouble at the clubs, so he began enforcing the ordinance.  Question was posed to Chief did he think the issues pertained to alcohol or the club itself, Chief Amerson said that he believed it had to do with both, the management and the consumption of alcohol. Commented was that maybe you could get management to change their view. Commented was that you could have problems with Flash Foods, Amerson said yes, but you can consume alcohol on the premises of the Texaco or Flash Foods. Amerson said that the majority of their calls are pretty much close to closing time, it appears the more alcohol they drink the more problems they have, and that is why he started enforcing the ordinance, because it puts his officers in danger, and if the time changes until 2:00 then he would enforce it. Question was how long has it been since the last incident, Amerson said that it had been awhile because there hasn’t been any open. Question asked was there any probation period, that this was just it. Amerson said that he was going to follow the law. Question, How many clubs in City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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McIntyre would be under this ordinance, Mayor Horne and Chief Amerson said that it would be three. Question, What is the nationality of the club owners, Amerson said that he didn’t care if they were black, white or Hispanic that he was going to enforce the law, no matter who opened the club, that it didn’t matter to him who opened the club that he was going to enforce the law. The gentleman asked if he could ask his question again about ethnicity of the people running these clubs. Amerson said that it had nothing to do with the ethnics or race of the people, the gentlemen asked if Amerson would just answer the question, Amerson said that he would not answer a racist question, and that he had already answered the question, that it didn’t matter who it is or what ethnic group or what race is operating these clubs, that he is going to enforce the law the same way. The gentlemen commented to Amerson that he wasn’t going to answer the question; Amerson said that he had answered his question. The gentle continued to argue about the question and Amerson said that he was through and that he had answered the question. Mayor Horne said that it is a tough decision, just like she said before, that it was hard to sit there because they had to represent everybody, and noted that yes the clubs were black operated. Mayor Horne said that they try to do what is fair and represent everybody, noting that council worked together for the benefit of everybody and nothing was racially motivated.


A gallery question was; why the change was brought up. Representative from the VIP clubs said that he had been asked by people visiting VIP why they had to close at 12:00, responding that he had been told by Amerson to close at 12:00, noting that they had several security guards trained working with the club, and that they had met with Amerson. 


Swicord asked why were the clubs allowed to stay open after 12:00, if that is what the ordinance said. Mayor Horne said that it had been like that for years even when Hammer’s was there, Mayor Horne said that is the way its been for years, Swicord said that doesn’t make it right, if the ordinance says 12:00 then that’s what it should be. Mayor Horne commented that they do it in Irwinton, Swicord said he wasn’t talking about Irwinton, that he was talking about McIntyre, and if the ordinance said 12:00 then it should be 12:00 and why would the club be allowed to stay open until 2:00. Mayor Horne said that you had a lot of people from McIntyre go to Irwinton and they come back to McIntyre. Swicord asked why was it allowed to stay open until 2:00, Chief Amerson said that he allowed it, saying for years that these clubs were staying open until 2:00, and that when he started here they were staying open until 2:00, and that he has always been a chief that went by his heart and his gut, and not always strictly by the book all the time, saying that he use to let them stay open until 2:00 until they started having trouble, and that’s when he decided to enforce it, and that it was his fault they stayed open until 2:00 because he allowed it, and that if it they hadn’t started having all this issues he would still City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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allow it. Mixon said that the people that bought the license was aware of the ordinance because they were given a copy of it to read when they applied for the license, and if they didn’t read it, that was on them. Myrick said that the next time we issue the license that we should have them come to the meeting and be explained the rules. Mixon asked Clerk if they had to sign anything stating that they were aware of ordinance. Roberts said that there was nothing in the packet for them to sign, but that they were all given a copy, because she keeps the applications along with the ordinance and that each packet had a copy of the application for the sale by the drink, beer and wine and instructions on how to advertise and what you need to return.


Comments ensued by council and gallery concerning the people that needed to be at the meeting to discuss the ordinance change.


Swicord asked what was the motivation behind the extended hours if they couldn’t sell after 12:00 and what was the motivation behind councils acting on the request. Mayor Horne said that there were people that wanted it to stay open until 2:00, and that maybe they don’t know that you can’t sell it or consume it after 12:00, Mayor Horne said that they may need to be educated on the policy. Swicord asked why did council consider changing it, Mayor Horne said that there were other people besides those at the meeting that they had to consider too. Mayor Horne said that there were people out there that liked to go to the clubs and drink, that this is the closest thing around here. Swicord said that it wasn’t’ the responsibility of McIntyre to provide a social life, Mayor Horne said that it was a business. Mixon said that if they aren’t allowed to sell after 12:00 why would they want to stay open. Mayor said that it is a business, and Myrick said that some people visit the clubs that don’t drink. Comments from the gallery concerned a probation period, Amerson said that he tried that in the past, and that everyone who opened a club in McIntyre was welcomed to come to his office and talk with them, to discuss what he expected. Rev. Browher said that there were other issues other than the alcohol consumption, that it was law enforcement also, saying that he had spoken with a deputy sheriff, and had been informed that if the city extends the hours, then they would have to pull deputy’s from other locations, Myrick said that is the way it has been.  Juhan spoke concerning the right for those who operate the clubs to have the business, and that they had invested in the license to make money, and if they don’t have the time to make money why invest in the license. An investment is legal, and that if you buy a license then you are legal. Juhan also commented on if you are going to let people drive 40 miles, 30 miles to have fun, then you are putting people on the road long distance, sleepy and tired, and church people heading home and have an accident with someone on the road, saying that it wasn’t legal nor right, and that you are driving people out of the city to create a problem. Juhan said that clubs may not be the best way to make a living but its legal, noting that people work 8 hours a day, and 40 hours a week are tired and they want City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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a little relaxation, wants to let off a little steam, saying that people are always cutting the fool, some in church, that there were shootings in the church, in the movies, that people are evil everywhere, that they just weren’t at the clubs, and that you are driving people to do worse, if they don’t have anywhere to let off the steam. Juhan said that some people after work like to go home and kick up their feet, and that not everyone was the same, everybody does different things to relax. Juhan commended VIP for having security at the club, after he had talked with them about the problems they had had.


Ms. Browher said that she does appreciate what council does, and that she wasn’t trying to push anyone out, but ask that council considers the consequences.


Mayor Horne said that they try to do what is right, and noted that the city does not go out and find social activities for McIntyre, but that she looked at it as a business, not a social thing, and that club owners look at it as a business.


Mayor Horne notified council that she had been talking with Rindt-McDuff since last week, and told them that she wanted weekly updates for the project. Mayor Horne said that she had been told that they would be breaking ground and underway by the spring. Mayor Horne said that she found out today that according to the revised schedule she had received that nothing was going to be done until possibly the end of the year. Mayor Horne said that she had called Meg and explained to her the disappointment in what the city was told in the beginning and what we are looking at now. Horne said that Meg stated that the time line is in line with what was said. Horne said that she did not believe that, that if she wasn’t mistaken council had been told the spring. Mayor Horne said that she told Meg that the checks we write come from our budget and that its not coming from the grant monies, that they are spending the cities money, and every time they send us a bill, we have to pay them, and not any little bills, but big bills and that from now on we want something in writing each week. Mayor Horne said that Meg said they would come down and explain it, but Mayor Horne told them she didn’t want to talk to them, but council may want them to come down. Scott asked if we were looking at the same dates, as before, Moore said no that it had been delayed 6-7 months. Mayor said that Meg pretty much wanted to put the monkey on the cities back, and Mayor told Meg just because McIntyre is a small city and they are up there in Atlanta some where, don’t get it twisted, and that they told us one thing, and now they have pushed it back again. Mayor Horne said that she has told them before. Mayor Horne said that she doesn’t know where they come from but know she was told about a couple years ago that you had to stay on them, but that she didn’t feel that was something they should have to do. Mayor Horne advised council that if they wanted them to come down and explain to let her or Clerk know and they would contact them.  Discussion ensued about what information had been presented to EPD, and reasons for past visits by Rindt-McDuff. Mayor Horne asked McRee if he City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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was doing all the easements, McRee said that he hasn’t received anything from them, and asked the clerk to contact Rindt-McDuff and ask them to contact him within the next day or two, so they can go over the time frame and discuss what they will need.


Mayor Horne commented that she had a great concern, because the city had a lot invested, and didn’t know if the city was being put on the back burner, because they had larger projects, and wanted to know if council wanted them to come down and tell them where they are at and what is the hold up. Mayor Horne said that Meg did say it could be sooner. Mayor Horne said that maybe we should call Kathy Ross also and see if she could shed some light on it.  Mayor Horne questioned whether or not council wanted Rindt-McDuff to come down, stating that perhaps Mr. Gene could talk with them since he seemed to be more educated on this type of thing. Moore said that he felt sure that Richard Aiken would be contacting the clerk concerning a business plan, and that he believed that everyone would be interested in the business plan. Mayor Horne questioned whether or not if Rindt-McDuff had started getting the information for the railroad easements, and stated that she knew that it would take a while for them to get those. Myrick said that the last time they were here they said they had started on the Railroad saying that it would take a long time. Moore said that they said when they were here last month that they were working on the permit. Scott said that they were putting it in the mail Monday. Myrick said he was talking about when they were here before then. Mayor Horne said that they needed to come and council needed to put the fire under them, someone beside her. Moore said the he had spoken with Meg concerning the 3-phase electricity, and how they at the chalkmine had run off EMC. Scott said that Rindt-McDuff did not know that the property was in Georgia Power territory, but that was where they dropped the ball. Mayor asked Roberts to contact Rindt-McDuff to have them come to the next council meeting.


Mayor Horne said that she wanted to go back to the Kevin Jones issue that she wanted to get it settled. Mayor Horne advised someone to get Willie at the meeting. Mayor Horne said that once she heard what Willie had to say, she wanted council to make an official vote as to whether Jones would have to pay or not. Carswell said that if it is a new service, and you make him not pay, then everyone would come in wanting leeway. Carswell said that if it’s a new service and that everyone pays for a new service then that’s the way it should be. Mayor Horne said that she wanted to make sure, because she thought Jones thought it was just personal because of all the stuff that had gone on between him and Willie. Mayor Horne said that she wanted to make it official. Carswell asked if council needed to make a decision on pulling meters from now on, if there is one at that residence. Mayor Horne said that they had not been doing that, and Clerk Roberts stated that wasn’t the policy and explained that the policy was to lock the meters, but the issue with this one was they broke it twice. Roberts stated that Jones had told her that the City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

Page 11


trailer set there, after burning for 4 years, and that water ran under the trailer, Roberts said that she asked him did he let it leak for 4 years and he said that he wasn’t there. Roberts explained that it was broke, and that even Mr. Jones admitted that it was broke; Myrick said that is what Jones told him also. Roberts said that there was only one way for the water to run through it and if Willie locked the meter out, then there is no way it could have been open. Roberts said that Jones had told her that they had broken the pipe when they cleaned up the trailer after it had burned and had just left the water running. Roberts said that didn’t make any sense to her.


Carswell asked that if Jones had service then it would have been only a $60.00 charge, the clerk said yes, but that Mr. Jones himself told her that there was no meter there. Clerk said that she told Mr. Jones that if there were no meter there then it would be $260.00. Roberts explained that Mr. Jones kept saying that he had service there, but there were no records of Mr. Jones having a service there, that it only showed where Lisa Jackson had paid to put a meter there but there was never any water used. Roberts explained that the meter was in Ms. Jackson’s name when the trailer burned down. Mayor Horne asked that when she moved did she transfer the meter. Roberts said that you couldn’t transfer the meter, but you could the deposit. Mayor Horne asked if council could take an official vote and send Jones a letter saying that he is required to pay that and move on. McRee said that if it’s in the ordinance that they have to pay, then it’s a matter of enforcing the ordinance. McRee said that he believed what the Mayor was asking is that if she moved to another location that had a meter there, she would not have to pay another $200.00, but wanted to know if she moved to another location with no meter, would she be charged another $200.00, the clerk said as far as she knew that yes she would, that any new service is $200.00. Mayor asked the clerk to get a copy of that and give Mr. Jones a copy. McRee said that the best way to handle that was to send him a copy of the ordinance with a letter from the Mayor stating the city’s position. Mayor Horne asked if he had an official address, Roberts said that he had the water turned on at the 164 Sandy Hill Road. Mayor Horne asked if he had paid the fee, Roberts said that he had paid $60.00 and pay the remaining in $20.00 increments per Myrick. Mayor Horne said to send him a letter.


Willie Howell was asked to explain the situation, Howell said the first time he went up there he locked it out and he cut the lock, and then he went back and on the second one he cut the whole valve so he took it out, it was either that or press charges like the city did Kenny Davis. Howell said that he just took the meter out, to keep from having to run up there to check it.


Mayor Horne said that to send him a letter saying that he was going to have to pay it according to what is in place. Moore said that someone cut the lock, and asked Howell did he see if any water had been through the meter, Howell said yes, that he had it on. City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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Howell said the meter set in the office for a long time; Roberts said that it was still there. Mayor Horne said the he never had a water bill.


Mayor Horne said that she needed to enter into executive session to discuss land acquisition, motion made to enter into executive session to discuss land acquisition, was made by Mixon, seconded by Carswell no opposition, motion carried.


Mayor Horne called back to order, stating that there were no votes taken, nor motions made while in executive session.


Myrick said that Hughes had the information about the dog catching. Mayor Horne said that they had the money in public safety for it. Mayor Horne said that they had an issue Thursday and that Hughes called Paws and Claws, but they wouldn’t send anyone to pick up the dog, saying that they couldn’t buy dog food, and refused to come pick up a dog for us. Mixon said that they had gotten the last dollar from us. Mayor asked how much money did they get from us. Clerk said that they had budget $2,500, but the city had paid a $1,000 to Dennards. Scott asked what would the city do with the dogs they picked up. Hughes explained that they had a situation Thursday, where a dog had bit another dog, so he called Paws and Claws but the only number he had was Beth Langford, so he called her, and she said that they couldn’t take the dog because they didn’t have any funding, and that her words were, if the cities would give more money, then they would have more funding. Hughes said that he called Pam and Pam said that there was suppose to be a contract drawn up between Dr. Dennards and the City for Mark to be picking up the dogs. Hughes said that he got a quote on the equipment that Mark needs. Mixon asked that didn’t the city have the equipment before. Hughes said that he didn’t have a catchpole, and a carry cage. Mixon asked didn’t they have it before. Amerson said that they did have some equipment but that was years ago. Roberts said that she believed Mark was using his own catchpole and Amerson said that the wire cage that they had was all bent up. Hughes said that he could not get any supplier in the state of Georgia, but found a place in South Dakota, and that he checked with Mark about the equipment and was told that it was top grade material. Hughes presented the quote with pictures to council, saying that he needed something big enough to carry up to a German Sheppard, and small enough to carry a cat. Hughes said that the trap they wanted to get had two doors, one a trap door and another door so that all he had to do was put it up against the trap cage, and never put his hands on the animal. Hughes explained that the catchpole would slide up and down for the size of the animal. Scott asked if the city was going to have to pay Dennard’s. Roberts explained that it would average out to about $50.00 per dog. Roberts explained that by law we had to give owners 5 working days to pick the animal up, and after five days no one has claimed the animal it would be put to sleep. Hughes said that when he talked with Langford, she gave him a long drawn out story, how they didn’t have the City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

May 6, 2013

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funding and how they were picking up more dogs in Gordon, since they had animal control now. Conversation ensued among members of council as to what the city’s money has been used for by Paws and Claws. Amerson said that a lot of these dogs being picked up were not strays, that people were not buying the tags like they should be and advised putting a letter along with a copy of the ordinance in the water bills reminding people that animals must be tagged.


Moore asked if Mark was licensed, Roberts explained that Mark was in the process, and that the City had already been licensed by the state.


Mixon said that the total cost was seven hundred and something, Hughes said that actually originally when he went on line there was no shipping fee, but when he looked at the quote there was two hundred and something out of state shipping fee, but that he hasn’t ordered anything yet, that he was going to talk with Milledgeville about their dog catching and where they got their equipment from. McRee suggested contacting Baldwin County, and Myrick suggested contacting Hill.


Amerson said that it will be expensive initially, but once it gets under control, it should be less than what we pay Paws and Claws. Mayor Horne asked and noted that it was okay for Hughes to go ahead and purchase the equipment.


Motion for adjournment was made by Mixon, seconded by Myrick, no opposition, motion carried.





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