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NOTICE: McIntyre is under a Level 1 Drought Response: In order to conserve water outside watering is allowed only between 4:00pm and 10:00 am. This applies to both commercial and residential water use, also keep in mind to regularly check for and repair leaks inside and outside. Don't leave tap running when shaving, brushing teeth and face washing. Only water your landscape when necessary and adjust sprinklers so only your lawn is watered and not the house, sidewalk or street.

NOTICE: 2015 CCR Annual Water Quality Report are available at City Hall located at 102 Railroad Street.

Water bills are due on the 15th of each month, a late penalty of $5.00 applies after the 15th, Termination date is the 28th of the current month, bills will need to be paid prior to the 28th, Reconnect fee is $35.00 and is applied to terminated accounts for non-payment. Bill will have to be paid in full to have water restored.

The city of McIntyre strives to offer its citizens the highest quality of service and a safe water system.


Council meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, beginning at 5:00PM, If you would like to be placed on the Agenda for topics, you must call City Hall at 478-946-2037 prior to the meeting date.

Municipal Court is held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm. Ralph Jackson is the honorable Judge, and any discussions pertaining to the court date will need to be discussed either with the Clerk of Court Pamela Roberts at 478-946-2037, or Chief Wayne Amerson at 478-946-3483.

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City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

July 7, 2014

Page 1


Mayor Horne called the meeting to order, led in prayer by Council member Eugene Moore.


Present: Mayor Horne; Council Members; Eugene Moore,  Katherine Scott, John Carswell, and Rico Myrick, also present was Clerk, Linda Sanders, Chief Wayne Amerson and City Attorney David McCree.


Minutes were presented from the June 16, 2014 meeting, motion to approve minutes as presented was made by Myrick, seconded by Scott no corrections, no opposition, motion carried.


Agenda presented new business as:

  1. Meg of Rindt-McDuff – Updates on Easements
  2. Discuss with Attorney Usage Fee for the Park


    Meg Mbugua gave an update on the easements that have not been signed. Meg said that Oconee EMC and BASF are willing to work with the city. Mbugua said that she and Richard Aikens have a meeting with Joe McKenzie after this meeting. Mbugua said that Mr. McRee is working on getting the deeds on one of the properties.


    Richard Aiken said that the city needs to make sure that all right of ways are certified and the easements are obtained. The pump station sites, which there are five sites, two of those are on the school property. Aiken said that he was not sure if the city had contacted the school to discuss this issue. Aiken said that he needs to follow up with Pam on the user rate that has to be adopted which the city may have already done and a formal agreement with the school system regarding rates. Aiken said that the city also has to verify customers to make sure that there are 273 residential and 54 commercial. Aiken noted that Pam may have already done this but just trying to double check the list to be sure.


    Mayor Horne said that she thought that the city has already signed off with the school.  Mbugua said that she thinks that the city has already done this.  Aiken said that Kathy Ross would probably be coming here very soon to have a meeting to discuss the administrative check list type items.


    Aiken said that they have EDP’s approval on the plans but there have been some changes, nothing significant that requires going back to EPD but still has to get USDA to approve the plans. Aiken said that they have made a few provisions with the easements. Mbugua said when they have the easements and the right of ways then they will let you know when it good to advertise for bid, but they will need the easements signed off. Mbugua said that there are 5 pump stations within town; one of them is within the right of way nothing needs to be done, two are where the school has their existing pond system. Meg said they would be glad to write a letter to the school asking them if it is okay to use their property. Aiken said that the city needs to get that property donated back to the city. USDA has to see something from the school saying that it is okay that the city has a pump station on their property.







    City Of McIntyre

    Council Meeting

    July 7, 2014

    Page 2



    Mbugua said that they would ask if it could be donated or leased to the city. Mbugua said that they can draft up a letter or the city can contact someone at the school. The other three sites, one of them is on the right of way and nothing has to be done, the other two, one of them is actually on BASF property. The tax accessory has it as Cannon’s property but the surveyor confirmed that it is BASF’s property. Mbugua said that after the meeting with Joe McKenzie today, she will be able to give the city a status of what BASF is going to do in terms of letting the city use that site. Mbugua said that the main pump station that is in town was on the property that belongs to Charles Lowery that is the one where a small part of it will have to be purchased.  Mbugua said that they have the drawing that shows the portion that is required for the pump station, noting it may be .1 of an acre.  Mayor Horne asked Meg did they talk with Charles Lowery when they came down. Meg said they have not talked to Charles Lowery but they would be glad to talk with him. Aiken said that USDA does not have its formal requirements on how to purchase property through the Uniform Relocation Act where you would have to go through a lot of hoops but you would want to follow the city’s protocol as far as having the property appraised.  Mbugua said that the cost of the land for the pump station is also factored in the cost of the project.  Meg said this is something that they require the city to talk to the land owner to see if he is willing to sell just what the city need. Meg said that maybe they could work with BASF to donate the other. USDA is going to want to see something signed saying that yes, they allowed the city to use this property.  Myrick said so the school has two sites, are you talking about each site, Meg said yes, because of the two schools, where they have the two ponds, so to be able to serve both schools. Aiken said that these are the main items and hoops that they are trying to get over with so that USDA will then authorize the city to go to bid and once they get the authorization, they will advertise.  A project of this size would probably be advertised for 45 to 60 days to give contractors adequate time to investigate the project.  Then they would receive the bids, open to the public, review the bids and make sure there are no errors and whoever the lowest bidder is, they would verify the contractor references if they are not familiar with them, look into them then they would make a recommendation award to the city and to USDA. USDA would look to make sure that the contractor is not on a debarred list or have any other issues.  Upon USDA’s approval, the city can go on and make the award and then they will start breaking ground and building the sewage system.


    Mayor Horne asked Akien, do they do the advertising.  Aiken said that they would prepare the advertisement and the city would post it at the city hall and in the local newspaper, they would put on GMA’s web site, they would also send it out to known contractors in the area.


    Meg asked when will be a good time that they can bring in the manufacture for the low pressure system that drain the pumps to do an educational presentation, maybe bring in one of their pump just in case there are some people that are not familiar with them. They would like to bring someone here to show the pump and answer any questions and show them how they work. They would be glad to talk to anyone that is interested.









    City Of McIntyre

    Council Meeting

    July 7, 2014

    Page 3



    Aiken asked Mayor Horne was she aware that GEFA has approved the interim finances but they has not taken it to the board to get it officially approved, because once it goes to the board and gets approved, there is a six months clock that starts ticking that you have to issue a notice to proceed. EPD and USDA reviews have been postponing them. It is scheduled to go until October which should not be a problem if everything starts clicking very quickly; they still should be in good shape with the interim finances because you don’t want to get in a position that they approve it then something happens to hold the project up.


    Mayor Horne asked Aiken will they send Pam a list of all the items that they need. Aiken said yes.


    Moore asked Meg if they would need the easement for Eddie and Sandra Shaugher. Meg said yes, they will on the back side of their property. Meg said once they meet with BASF today, she will be able to give a clearer answer because they are crossing Shaugher’s  property twice .They met with him and talked to him one side they would not but on the other side they would unless it completely goes on to BASF’s property.




    Moore no report


    Scott no report


    Carswell no report


    Myrick made a motion that Linda Sanders be put on the signature list to sign checks when Pam is absent, seconded by Scott, no opposition, motion carried.


    McRee no report.


    Sanders no report.


    Amerson no report.


    Mayor Horne said the city needs a policy drawn up for user fees for the park, the city voted on a fee for the city hall. The city needs something official so when there is discussion outside of city hall the city will have something in place.   McRee said that he needs the city to get him an itemized list of the type of park facilities and a description of items at the park that people could

    come in and reserved for a fee, such as a softball field, baseball field, soccer field, or a pavilion where people can have a family reunion.  Mayor Horne asked was that including here at the city hall.  McRee said yes. McRee said that John can work up a proposal on the fees and present it to the city to look at and the city can come to some kind of agreement on the fees that the city wants to charge.





    City Of McIntyre

    Council Meeting

    July 7, 2014

    Page 4



    Myrick asked is there going to be a fee to use the pavilion; Mayor Horne said no, there has been discussion with things going on with the park, the city needs something in writing to cover everybody. Mayor Horne said that the city does not have anything in writing when Anthony Pitts used the parking lot at city hall. Mayor Horne said that the city needs something in place whether the city charges or not. Myrick asked if someone wants to use the pavilion for a family reunion will there be a charge. Mayor Horne said there is no charge for non-profit organizations.


    McRee said that Baldwin County has a full recreation policy and as a part of that they have a fee schedule if someone wants to come in a rent out a ball field they charge so much per day. If they want to rent out the gym for a basket ball clinic it is a charge so much per day or so much per hour.  Mayor Horne said that they adopted one for the Rec Board for the county. Myrick asked if they can use that field now. Mayor Horne said that she will bring it up again at the next board meeting.


    Mayor Horne said that she spoke with Spence Bassinger and they went out and looked at the medium about putting the Crape Myrtles on 441 Bypass. Mayor Horne said that Spence Bassinger called her today to let her know that he got the information on the designs and the funding to put the Crape Myrtles and once he got all the information together he would bring it to council.


    Mayor Horne said that she talked with Ricky Schnider about getting the city a report on how many runs and how much water usage, so the city can keep a record of it.


    Moore asked did the city have any success with the Mid State Paving. McRee said that it is still pending with the court. He is having trouble getting services on their registry agency.   McRee said that he finally found their registry agency, he has moved to Valdosta and he has sent the paper work to him to sign off on acknowledging the services. McRee said that he told him that he was going to but he has not done it yet. McRee said he is going to have a deputy serve him with it and that will get it in court then.   McRee said that he did get a contact from an insurance company about a month to six weeks ago on that and are evaluating this situation so we can keep our finger crossed on that.


    Mayor Horne said that GMA said that it is a new law in place that was passed that if people owe fines the city can now actually put a Levy against their income tax.  McRee said that if someone got ticket for driving on a suspended driving license and the city’s judge enters a fine against that person and the city is having difficulty collecting the fine, then there is something the city can do if the person is entitled to a state income tax return the next year.  The city can do something to attack part of their state income tax refund. This was passed in the legislative this

    year. Mayor Horne said they were told by GMA that it has been adopted. McRee said that it should be a benefit for local governments to help them collect money from people that they are entitled to collect from and has not been able to find them.






    City Of McIntyre

    Council Meeting

    July 7, 2014

    Page 5



    Mayor Horne asked is it federal and state. McRee said he knew it is state but not sure if it is federal. Mayor Horne asked about Mid State Paving, McRee said that the city would have to get a judgment against them first.


    Myrick and McRee congratulated Mayor Horne for being elected the President of GMA’s 6th District.


    Mayor Horne said that she received a phone call about Main Street Market again.  Wayne said there is nothing that he can do; he has not committed any crime.  Wayne said all he can do is to tell them if they don’t like the way he does his business, stay out of the store. Myrick asked what happen. Wayne said that someone went in the store and there were words exchanged from a customer and his son.  It was alleged that he called them trashy people. They don’t know because the audio on the camera system was not working, you could see everything but you could not hear anything. One customer came in and demanded money back and he gave the money back and she left the stuff in the store and an argument broke out but no crime was committed.  Mayor Horne said that he call the baby a piece of trash.  Mayor Horne asked, you can’t revoke his business license or nothing. This is ongoing with the same store. McRee said if you don’t like the way people do business that is the way you handle it just don’t do business with them.


    Carswell said that on September 23, 2014, there had been a request put in to use the park to hold a tailgate/church service from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Scott asked who having it. Carswell said Brundage Mount Baptist Church.


    Gallery Comments:


    Ahmad Thorpe said the he had a major concern about people riding through the neighborhood in Riley Circle, Vinson Road and down town McIntyre playing loud music saying this is an ongoing situation.  He said that he is sure that at some point and time someone had to hear it because they are passing the police station, where police officer and county officers are sitting there and there are city officers sitting there, something is got to be done about this loud music. This is at 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. About two weeks ago at 2:00 a.m., in Riley Circle someone is blasting music. Thorpe said that he don’t think it’s someone that lives in Riley Circle. Thorpe said that he knows that there is police patrol in these areas.  Thorpe said at this point, he asked that the police patrol needs to be more heavily present there because people are going to start doing more than playing loud music in Riley Circle and on Vinson Road. He said it is to the point that it is going to lead to other problems. Thorpe said that he woke up one morning and he saw tail lights of someone’s car across the street. The Sheriff Department was called at that time; and they said that there was nothing that can be done about it but if they are parking across the street in someone else yard or facing someone house and it is going on at the same time every night; he said that he is not sure why nothing can be done about it. If the police are riding through the neighborhood, and the car is sitting out there, why the police can’t stop and ask why they are sitting out there.  Thorpe said that he found out that they are sitting out there to use the wireless connection that people have in their houses. This is a safety issue.  Thorpe said that he is





    City Of McIntyre

    Council Meeting

    July 7, 2014

    Page 6



    not sure if the Mayor or John is aware of the noise that is going on in Riley Circle.  Thorpe said that he is not sure how many officers are riding through but this needs to be address.


    Thorpe said that he wanted to apologize to the Mayor and he wanted to clear his name on some things because it is some things that he did not appreciate in regard to an incident that happened at the last city council meeting regarding the firing of Coach Hagins. Thorpe said that he feels like he has every right to voice his concerns as a citizen. Whether it was a wrong or a right decision, councils has to realize that people in the city has every right to justify voicing their opinion.   Thorpe said that he did not agree with everything that was done, but because this is a democracy and the people that made the decision did it within reasoning; he has no problem with the city’s decision. Thorpe said when you have certain individuals or certain officials of the city saying that they don’t understand why he said this or that, it is called freedom of speech.   Thorpe said that he doesn’t have a problem with what was done because it is a done deal. Thorpe said that if he does not agree with something that city council does, he will tell you here or outside and the next time the elections are run, he just won’t vote for you.  Thorpe said that the city needs to come to some common ground so that the people will know what’s going on. Thorpe said that when you have people that are inside your circle, he said that he talking about people that works for the city or on city council that are having their own personal opinions and it gets out in the community, this is a problem that the city needs to work on not the citizens. Thorpe said that things in executive session should not be discussed. Mayor Horne said that it is a lot of things that you can’t go into but if you got the person that is in executive session, that you are having the meeting with and they go out and take the information out to the public themselves.  Mayor Horne said that the person in executive session took the information out to the public and there are things that you don’t know.  Thorpe said that it was not just that individual; you can’t just reprimand one individual for saying something about the city park director and someone else that is either employed by the city or elected by the city doing the same thing. Thorpe said one rule has to be applicable for city employees as it is for everybody else. You can’t have a set of rules for this side of the railroad track and a set of rules on the other side of the railroad track.   Thorpe said that he believes in things being done right and fair. Thorpe said the city had to legally do what they had to do but as far as the situation before hand, that he had a concern with was the different stories that was being put out in the community not just by the individual that was being handled but by other individuals in the city as well and it needs to be address.


    Mayor Horne said that she does not know what individual at this table that Thorpe was talking about or what employees that Thorpe was talking about but if people would come to the meetings, they would know that this is not the first time that this has happened. Mayor Horne said outside this table the city tries to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.  Thorpe said that he does not fault the Mayor for the decision that was made because she can’t make the decisions without council voting on it. Mayor Horne said that you have to understand that this is a business.  Mayor Horne asked Thorpe what was it at this table that he felt that city councils did







    City Of McIntyre

    Council Meeting

    July 7, 2014

    Page 7



    wrong at the last meeting.  Thorpe said that if it was something strictly professional or regarding the Middle Georgia Consortium, he has no issue with it, but when you start inserting personal issues, as to somebody not hiring somebody or somebody not doing something to personally gain, from that particular issue, Thorpe said then he has a problem with that. Thorpe said that city council had a problem with Coach Hagins because he did not hire someone that was related to them or the city councilman’s wife had a problem with Coach Hagins because he said something about somebody on city council.  Mayor Horne said that it is only so much when you go into executive session that you can talk about as far as personnel issues. Mayor Horne said that there has been things that have been discussed about equipments not being put up, with the entire council which this has been going on for years.  Mayor Horne said if you are talking about John or her, she did not ask for her granddaughter to be hired. Mayor Horne said that she told Coach Hagins in open session, her granddaughter asked last year about working and if she had known that the city had a contract with Middle Georgia Consortium, last year, which city council didn’t know, she could have applied for the job. Mayor Horne said that some of the children from McIntyre could have worked for Middle Georgia Consortium. Mayor Horne said why go to Irwinton and Gordon to get children to work when there are children in McIntyre that needs to benefit from that. Thorpe said that the issue is how it was handled.  Mayor Horne asked Thorpe how was it handled and Thorpe said that it was handled very unprofessional.


    Scott told Thorpe if you have a problem with someone at the table just come straight out and tell the person that you have the problem with so we can go on with the meeting. Thorpe asked John if there were any concerns or issues that was prior to getting to this point with Coach Hagins at that point was there any other preventive measure that could have been taken in regard to dismissing him from that particular contract beside the fact of him entering into a contract with Middle Georgia Consortium, Thorpe said because he personally don’t think this is the full reason why he was dismissed.


    Carswell said that he did not know anything about the contract with Middle Georgia Consortium until he sat at the table. Carswell said that he was in Atlanta and he was called saying that he had kids working in the park and that they are not doing a good job and they do not know how to run a weed eater. Carswell said he knew nothing about anybody working in the park. Carswell said that he reads a document saying that there are six kids working. Carswell said to Thorpe, you live in Riley Circle, how many times has he seen kids working in the park in the afternoon. Thorpe said he rarely sees anybody in the park in the afternoons. Carswell asked if he had seen anybody at the park during the day; Thorpe said no. Carswell said that there were six kids that were listed as being working for the City of McIntyre. Carswell said people are questioning him why the playground equipment isn’t up. Carswell said these equipments are three years old.  Carswell said that the citizens of McIntyre pay for the playground equipments, it is over a $1000.00 worth of playground equipment lying at the park.  Carswell said he helped with the city workers to put up equipment at the park because he ordered the equipments.








    City Of McIntyre

    Council Meeting

    July 7, 2014

    Page 8



    Carswell said that he have not said anything g about anybody, when he walked out that door, the only conversation that he had was with Mr. Shihholster. Carswell said that he apologies to him for that.


    Thorpe said to Scott that he does not have an issue with coming to city council but if you open the gallery up there is no need to remind him again that this is the last thing. Thorpe said that if he has a concern, council should be willing to listen to everything.


    Thorpe said that things are being done in an unprofessional manner and it is got to be done better. Thorpe said that he does not agree with how everything was done.


    Mayor Horne asked what more could the city have done, there have been several meetings about the same thing, there have been request, the city has asked to compile information about equipment being broken at the park. Mayor Horne asked do you know how many compiled list the city has gotten, none; Thorpe asked is that public record. Mayor Horne said that it is in the minutes. Mayor Horne said that the city has requested that the equipment be listed and brought to the table to have the equipment repaired.


    Mayor Horne said that the city made the decision because the city has bent over backward with this issue. No one has any disrespect for Coach Hagins, but he should have some respect for the council also.  Coach Hagins was asked to do certain things, but he did not do it.  This is a business, and if you don’t do what you are suppose to do you have to move on.  Mayor Horne said that it was decided to terminate the position because there has been an ongoing issue.


    Carswell told Thorpe that he thinks that he brought a personal issue to the table with him and he could have came to him if it was something that he wanted to know.  Thorpe said that he did it in a public setting so it would be noted that he asked in an appropriate time setting.


    Mayor Horne said that the city did the right thing, what was best for the city. If the city decide to hire someone else at the park it is on the city.


    Gaynell Shinholster approached council concerning the street crew. Shinholster said that she didn’t know why they would cut the grass but would not cut the ditches. Shinholster said that Moore told her that they were called off to the park to do some work.  Mayor Horne said if it is a safety issue, they have to go and help the water department and the new employee only works four days a week.


    Moore said that their priority list is Vinson Road, 8th street and Rainbow Circle. Moore said that they cut on a schedule, the park is every Friday, and they were pulled from Vinson Road to go to the park because Friday was a holiday; on Monday they cut city hall and down town. They have been instructed to finish a job before they go to something else but so many times they get called off to help the water department. Shinholster said that people throwing trash out on the road.






    City Of McIntyre

    Council Meeting

    July 7, 2014

    Page 9



    Wayne said that he has a problem with people littering and it they catch them they will be dealt with.


    Moore said that the loud music is on Macon Road and all over the city.  Moore said that it is a guy on red motorcycle with loud music. Moore said that he and his neighbors has called the Sheriff Department repeatedly because most of the time it is after hours at the city hall.   Martin said that she hears the loud music when she is getting gas over at the Flash Food and the music is so vulgar.   Mayor Horne told Martin if you have an issue try to get in touch with the police department. Wayne said if you hear the loud music late at night, call the police department and they will come. Wayne said that he has written a lot of loud music tickets.  Wayne said most of the time it is only one officer working.  It takes a lot of time to try to make rounds everywhere with one officer on duty.


    Gaynell Shinholster said that there is a white van parked and you can see it when you are pulling out by the Jet Store, you have to almost get in the road to see if anything coming.  Wayne said that they monitor this with the delivery trucks.


    Jerry Shinholster asked Wayne what they are doing about the ordinance with the pants below the butt. Wayne said that the city has an ordinance and they have written tickets for it.  Shinholster asked do they not have financial statements at the city council meetings.  Mayor Horne said that Pam is on vacation and she was not able to print them but she will have it at the next meeting. Shinholster asked if the city is going to charge a fee at the park, is the camera fix, lights? Mayor Horne said this is some of the issues the city has been talking about.  Mayor Horne said that there has been a lot of work done at the park and still planning on doing more work. Mayor Horne said that John is trying to get more grants to put more equipment at the park.  The back side of the park has been cleaned off. Mayor Horne said that there were open plugs on the back side where kids could put their fingers in plugs. Carswell said there will be a diagram drawn up so each outlet will have a number then you will be able to find the exact outlet and you will be able to go to the exact outlet without searching all over the park.


    Joyce Martin said that she has been coming to the meetings regularly and she has never seen the financial statements out for the public. Mayor Horne said that Pam prints them out every month and she will make sure that Martin gets one. Martin said that one time she asked Pam to print them out for her. Mayor Horne said that the public has access to the statements.  Moore told Martin that you have to request the statement.  Mayor Horne said that everybody at the table receives financial statements. Mayor Horne said that she will make sure that Pam starts printing them out for the meetings.


    Bobbie Smith asked what is going on the reason that there will be fees at the park.  Mayor Horne said that there have been underlined discussions about the usage at the park, and to cover the city, the city needs to develop a policy for usage at the park.  The city talked about it in the past





    City Of McIntyre

    Council Meeting

    July 7, 2014

    Page 10



    but never follow through with it.  If it is a nonprofit organization, there is no fee. The city needs a policy in place so if someone has questions, you will have a guideline to go by and the citizens can also have a copy of the policy. Mayor Horne said that McRee is going to draw up a policy. Smith said that she would like to have a copy of the policy. Smith asked if Mr. Pitts pays when he using the parking lot at city hall. Mayor Horne said yes. Smith asked what about when he cooking across the street. Mayor Horne said that the city does not have anything to do with that property, it belongs to the railroad.  Moore said that he have been questioned if Bobby Knowles has a business license. Mayor Horne said that he is suppose to have a peddler’s license.   Mayor Horne said the city has a list of everybody with a license.


    Motion to adjourn was made by Carswell, seconded by Scott,  no opposition, motion carried.




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