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November 18, 2013

City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

November 18, 2013

Page 1


Mayor Horne called the meeting to order, led in prayer by Council member John Carswell.

Present were:  Mayor  Vickie Horne; Council Members; Eugene Moore, Vickie Mixon,  John Carswell, and Rico Myrick, also present was Clerk, Linda Sanders, Chief Wayne Amerson and City Attorney David McRee.


Minutes were presented from the November 4, 2013 meeting, motion to approve minutes as presented was made by Myrick, seconded by Carswell, no corrections, no opposition, motion carried. 


Let the record show that Katherine Scott is not present.


Agenda presented new business as:


        Rindt-McDuff- Updates on Easements




Moore stated that the Veterans Monument has been ordered and after looking at all the sites, Moore said that he thought the best site to put the Monument is near the pear tree out from under the pecan tree. It will be visible and most people would be able to see it. If it is put on Main Street the city would have to do a lot of back filling and leveling but if it is put under the pecan tree the city can pour a concrete walk and a concrete pad.


Moore said that the city is in the process of getting the Christmas lights on the poles. There is one bad spot that needs to be repaired on Whipple-Hickman Road in front of Katherine Scott’s house where the water line keeps bursting.


Carswell had nothing to report.


Myrick said that Hagins told him that David Franks and the Commissioners want to do an Inter Government Contract with the city for Animal Control. Myrick said that he talked to Hagins today and he said that David Franks is suppose to do a contract and present it to the city.


Mixon had nothing to report.





City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

November 18, 2013

Page 2


McRee said that he had talked with Meg since the last meeting about the easements and she said that they were waiting on the final drawings to come back from the surveyors and she would forward them to him to review.  McRee said that Meg thought that the drawings would have been Wednesday of last week but he has not heard from her since then.  McRee stated that the surveyors may be behind in getting the drawings done. McRee said that as soon as the surveyors send him the drawings he would let the city know.


Amerson had nothing to report.


Mayor Horne said that she talked to Pam about the Christmas Dinner. Mayor Horne stated that from her understanding, the fire department wants to have their own Christmas dinner. Mayor Horne stated that she asked Pam to send out letters to the city employees and the fire department asking them to participate in the Christmas Dinner with the city employees like Moore suggested. Mayor Horne said that the fire department asked Gene Sapp to cater the Christmas Dinner for them on November 30, 2013, but Mr. Sapp will not be able to do it on this date.  Mayor Horne said that the fire department has the caterer that they used on last year to cater the dinner for them on November 30, 2013.  Mayor Horne said that she did not have an amount of the dinner and Pam went home sick today. Myrick asked so the city is with the fire department, Mayor Horne said no, they want to have their own dinner and the city pay for it. Myrick asked why it has to be split; the city is trying to come together with them. The city asked them to come to the meeting and no one shows up. They get what they want but the city can’t get what it wants.


Mayor Horne stated that Mr. Fountain came to the last meeting but he did not have anything to report.  Carswell asked if council needed to make a motion to find a place to have the Christmas Dinner that includes everybody and if they choose not to come then that will be on them. Mayor Horne stated that letters were sent out last week inviting the fire department to the city employees Christmas Dinner. Mayor Horne said that it is left up with the council.  Mayor Horne said that the city has been having the Christmas Dinner at the City Hall for a while. Myrick stated that the Senior Citizen Center in Irwinton would be big enough. Myrick said that their Car Club is having a Thanksgiving Dinner on November 23, 2013 at 2:00 p.m  and the city is welcome to come.


Carswell noted that he has seen a survey sent to people, concerning fire alarms installed by the fire department, saying that there were grants available, and wanted to know if council was interested in doing it.  Mayor Horne stated that the city has purchased fire alarms for everybody twice but it was not through a grant at that time, saying that  



City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

November 18, 2013

Page 3


Wal-Mart cut a deal, cutting the price down but the fire department can always do it. Carswell said that he read something in the flyer that they had a grant available and they used the grant money. They had to go through the process of sending letters to each individual that lives in the city and a number of them did not have fire alarms.


Mayor Horne said that we need to go back to the Christmas Dinner so she can let Pam know. Moore said that he still suggests that everybody come to the same dinner. Invite the fire department with everybody else and use the Senior Citizen Center because it is large enough for everybody.  Mayor Horne said that Pam has talked to Ricky and Tommy and they said that everybody has different things going on for the date that we suggested. They really want to have the dinner themselves. Mayor Horne said that a letter was sent to city employees and the fire department to see if the date that we have for the Christmas Dinner is a good time. Mayor Horne said it maybe because they have been doing the Christmas Dinner by themselves all these years when they want to do it.  Carwell said that we are trying to make the city united, the city should do one city wide Christmas Dinner for everyone at the Senior Citizen Center. Carswell made a motion that we do a city wide Christmas Dinner including city employees and the fire department at the Senior Citizen Center. Mayor Horne said if the fire department does not come, we have all this space, then what. Carswell asked if there is a fee to use the Senior Citizen Center, Moore said he thought it was $200.00 to rent the center.  Mayor Horne asked Linda Sanders to call the Senior Citizen Center to see if it is a fee to use the center. Myrick asked how much did the city give the fire department for their Christmas Dinner. Mayor Horne stated that she forgot what it was last year but Pam has this information in her record. Myrick said that he thought it was about $500. 00. Mayor Horne said it was close to $500.00 because they had it broken down how much it cost for each person. Moore seconded; John’s motion. Mayor Horne said that there is a motion and a seconded, no opposition, motion carried.


Mayor Horne said that she is not in agreement with paying $200.00 for the Senior Citizen Center if the fire department does not participate in the Christmas Dinner.


There were no comments from the Gallery:


Denise Brookins presented a list with the adjacent to the list of property owners.  Brookins asked that everyone looked over the list and familiarize themselves with who is on the list and let them know who is on the list that they know, noting that it was not all of the easements; the drawings are still in process, some of them have been completed but not all and this is why the attorney has not received it yet.




City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

November 18, 2013

Page 4


Rindt-McDuff explained the easements on the map. He presented a copy of the easements with the numbers so that you could tell where the different ones are located. He also presented an individual map, noting that the yellow highlighted areas represent in a little more detail where the properties are and where the sewer goes and the easements. In these areas are permanent easements and the other will be a temporary construction easement. You can track them all down by general locations and the exact specific locations.


Brookins asked Meg Mbugua to explain the process when all the drawings are completed and it goes to the attorney and he meets with the property’s owner and what comes after that. Mbugua said that they have a file for each of these individual easements.  She presented a drawing that the attorney will get, saying that this one has been completed but needs to be sign by the surveyor. The surveyor will give the number of copies that are required, noting this is all the legal information and the attorney has reviewed the granting document and the drawings and Rindt-McDuff will attach the property information from the Tax Assessors’ Office, saying information is given to the homeowners, and then you would get the homeowners to sign off that granting the easements and it has to be notarized and witnessed.


Rindt-McDuff said that they have not dealt with any mortgage holders or lean holders. He said that he is not aware of what the city policy is on this, saying you can get them to sign off on them as well, so the attorney does not have to worry with them. McRee stated that because it is an easement, most of the times you wouldn’t, and if it was a right away grant you definitely would.


Mbugua explained the list of the people on the list and how much they are asking for, noting that if you would look at the 4th one from the top, which is Calvary Baptist Church, showing the map that went along with it, temporarily the city is asking for 0.1056 acres and that is just during the construction, The permanent is 0.183 acres saying that basically this is what the city is asking them to grant., then Calvary Baptist Church would be completed.   


 Mbugua said that on Dawn Street and Rainbow Drive it is right by the edge of the road where sewer lines are going. They city has about ten feet here.  Mbugua showed on the map, where they would be cutting across the back of someone property but there is an existing gas easement so it is adjacent to that and it is kind of cross country, saying that is it is close to the edge of the road and the reason they had to get easements is because the right of way on that road is not wide enough to be able to come in and dig and put the equipment and still keep the road open.





City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

November 18, 2013

Page 5



Mayor Horne asked who this property belongs to. Brookins said that #14 is Fred Green, #15 is Edward & Sandra Shauger, #16 is BASF. Rindt said that there are a couple of issues in getting easements, (1) is how you go about it, and there is a lot of different ways. Rindt-McDuff said that they talked to Brookins about it and they came up with a plan, as soon as the drawings are done, somebody needs to go and meet with the people, and explain to them what is going on , and show them where the sewer is going to go, talk a little about it and leave them a copy of the easement and the drawing, then make an appointment for them to come to the city hall where there will be a witness and a notary. Rindt-McDuff said that there are four lift station sites and this requires a little more complex procedure because you have to transfer the titles, and this brings up the second question, what is the city willing to give for the easements? Rindt-McDuff stated that his view is that you asked for them to be donated, saying that you probably at some point are going to get some resistance to that from one or more of them, asking for money or something. Noting that they are going to get free taps anyway, that is part of the project. Rindt-McDuff said that the city needs to be thinking about if someone says that they want to be paid for their easement, how are you going to handle that. If you paid one the word will get out. Mbugua said if there is one on the list that could potentially be difficult, let them know and they can take a look and see if they can eliminate a few, saying a possible private drive can be eliminated if necessary.


A copy of the names and phone numbers were given to council. Discussion ensued concerning who could contact those listed, and who they have to contact on those property owners who are deceased.


Mbugua noted a church on Vinson Road, saying there were questions concerning property lines. Myrick said that he would make contact.


Brookins asked if anyone knew anyone else on the list that they could contact. Myrick asked where #8 was located. Mayor Horne said on Old McIntyre Road, Charles Carswell owns that property. Mubuga said that this may be one that they can be eliminated; she will have to check because all they are getting from him is temporary for construction, and that 7 & 8 are temporary also, and if problems are presented that they can be shifted.


Mubuga said that there is a property formerly owned by Hall, #21, which she has a question mark on. Mayor Horne asked where this property is. Mubuga said that it connects to Riley Circle and Vinson Road and cuts across. Tax Assessor’s map has 133 Riley Circle. Mayor Horne said that this is hers and her daughter’s property. Mayor Horne said that she will have to see because it used to be a road there and they split that property between them and Rozier.



City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

November 18, 2013

Page 6


Myrick asked about #4 Eddie Joyce Gotell. Mubuga said that this one had a South Carolina contact. Mayor Horne stated that this is in Irwinton. Mubuga said that she will send the map to the city hall so we can match the spread sheet with the map. She asked if she is local.  Mayor Horne said that she has family that lives here.  Brookins asked if anyone can reach out to her family to get a mailing address. Mayor Horne said that she would make contact.


Moore stated that at the last meeting, the attorney suggested that an initial letter be mailed to the people to let them know that someone from the city is coming regarding them giving an easement for the city’s sewage project. Mubuga said that they have a draft letter that she will send to the city hall along with the drawings. Rindt-McDuff stated that they would have to provide addresses and Mubuga stated that she had the addresses.


Moore said that #15 Shauger owns two properties on Pine Circle. Mubuga said that this is where the gas easement is so they are shifting it up to be away from the gas easement because it has to be so many feet away from the gas easement. Carswell asked if Fountain Estate was some of Mark’s people.  Brookins asked if anyone can make contact with him. Carswell said that Mark works for the city.


Carswell asked where #30P is. Moore said this is Charles Lowery Shop. Mubuga said that is one of the pump stations. Moore stated that the Fountains own all the property behind his station all the way to the 441 right away. Mubuga stated that the surveyor confirms that Charles Lowery owns this property.


Moore asked were the sewer lines going to be running on Main Street in front of his shop.  Mubuga said that they will put a pump station there.  Mubuga stated that they have been trying to get a right away. Moore stated that he mentioned it to him, that they were going to put a pump station in that area. Mubuga said if the city would be able to call DOT and asked them to stake out the Right of way on 441 because the right of way markers have been stolen or moved. Mubuga stated that they have not had much success in getting them to come out and stake it; saying the city wants to make sure that the surveyor shows the right piece of property that had been purchased.  Mayor Horne asked right of way where. Mubuga said on 441, Julian Roberts By Pass and Main Street but on the 441 side. Moore stated that he rode with DOT when they paved Julian Roberts; he said that they told him that the first 20 feet would be on their right away. Brookins asked who said this, Moore said Mr. Wood with DOT. Mubuga said if you sent in a request, then they will come out and stake it, then it won’t be any guess work involved.




City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

November 18, 2013

Page 7


Brookins said that they have the application that has to go to EPD that has to be reviewed before the construction can begin, saying that it is completed and once the Mayor signs it the city can

begin the permit preparation for your LAS System.  If everything else is in order, then it can go to USDA.


Rindt –McDuff stated that he has good news and bad news about the railroad permits. There are three railroads permits; there are two crossings, and one linear that follows the railroad. The good news is that they have all the permits. The bad news is the price of the permits, the 1st permit is $1000.00, 2nd permit is $11,200.00 the 3rd permit is $151,000.00. Rindt said that they have talked with the railroad folks about this. He said that what they would like to do with the city’s permission is to make a counter offer. Rindt-McDuff said that he suggest that they would accept the $1000.00, for the $11,200.00 they would like to counter offer for $5000.00, and for the $151,000.00 they would like to counter offer $15,000.00. Basically just let them know that the city does not have much money and the city is trying to get the sewer lines in.


Rindt-McDuff said that railroad permits have been going up, since they have considered this is the way to make money. The permit for $151,000.00 is the one going to the treatment plant, it is about 10,000 linear feet and then it has a crossing. Rindt-McDuff said that if they had to they could move off the railroad right away but there are easements to get through and there would probably be some more leveling over in there that would complicate things. He said that we may have to do that. Mayor Horne said that she had asked them about having a second alternative in place because dealing with the railroad you could run into some problems.  Rindt-McDuff said that is not that hard, it’s just a matter of taking it from here and moving it over to there. Then if you are on someone’s private property, then you have to deal with that.  Half of this property belongs to BASF and the other is someone that owns about 300 acres. Rindt-McDuff said that they could pursue that but he suggests that they go back to the counter offers. Mayor Horne said that just hearing stories about dealing with the railroad and with the city trying to get in contact with them; they are hard to deal with about their property.  Mubuga said that they said to talk to the city and go back with the counter offer and explain to them that this is a USDA project, it is to bring sewer in the area and there is not much money involved. The railroad used Aecom to do their engineering and come up with their agreement.  Mubuga said that she did not know exactly how they developed that number. Mubuga said that she does not know if anyone knows someone at the railroad, but she may have a contact number, but still should follow the procedures following the counter offers.


Mayor Horne asked if the city will have to pay that.  Mubuga said that its part of the project. There is an allocation for permits in the project budget but if you take a $150, 000.00 from the project when you are expecting about 30 or 35 total that is a huge amount. That’s where they can


City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

November 18, 2013

Page 8


draft a letter and have the city sign it. We can shift it up but it will cost more when it comes to construction. It will be easier if we can get them to agree to the counter offers because it is

already clear land and we are right on the back of the right of way, some of it may be if they require the usage of a flagman the entire time and if so it may be a way to work around this. Mubuga said that she would like to go ahead and counter offer.


Mayor Horne asked what the city needs to do with the counter offer. Rindt-McDuff said that they will write the city a letter and send it to the city and the city can edit, print it out on city letter and the Mayor signs it and send it in. Mubuga said this is what they told them to do. She said they said if it is coming from the city they will work with them.


Mayor Horne asked for a motion to do the counter offers. Motion to send the counter offers back to the railroad for the permits were made by Carswell, seconded by Myrick, no opposition, motion carried.


Moore asked whoever goes out to contact these people about the easement, will they have a map to explain to them what they are talking about.  Mubuga said yes, you will have everything.  Rindt said they will provide a map that is little easier to understand.  Brookins asked when the drawings and everything will be done and sent to the attorney. Rindt said that he would have

90% of them by the end of this week. He said that there are a couple of them that they need to adjust the sewer line just to avoid that issue. He said they should have all of them by the end of

next week. Carswell asked who will send the letters out to people on this list.  Mubuga said that the city because they will have to be on city letter head.


Mayor Horne asked do they have the map with the colors that have the actually homeowner so you can see it better.  Mubuga said they will give you something similar to the one that she presented, but it will be signed from the surveyor and the other map behind it from the Tax Assessor’s Office, that kind of zooms out where it is. The next sheet has the person contact information and the approximate land price.  Mubuga said that she has a file on everyone on the list she is waiting for the surveyor to give her the signed copy, this is what the homeowners will sign once they agree, witness and notarized.  Rindt-McDuff said that there is a place on the spread sheet for easement obtained; they will leave that blank, take the no out so the city can check off. Brookins said that the Tuesday, after Thanksgiving all the drawings will be done but if one is already completed, he will go ahead and send it to the attorney.  Mubuga said that ten are already completed and she will get the surveyor to sign them. Mubuga said that she will send the surveyor an e-mail on her way back so he can get them to McRee. She said that she think he has to have two hard copies and an attorney copy but he can give them how many copies that they need.



Council Meeting

November 18, 2013

Page 9


Moore said that there is two #10 on the spread sheet. Larry Mason should be #19 not #10.  Mubuga said that she will send the map and the draft letter the city hall in the morning.


Moore asked about the power lines. Mubuga said that she is waiting on the agreement from them.  Mubuga said that they have the phase converters and she was looking at the price of that just in case they come back with a price that is ridiculous. She said that they will compare the

price using a single phase and using a phase converter because there is three phase. Moore said that the size of the power line probably is not big enough. Mubuga said that she had to give him all the power and the usage, how many hours a day and how many days a week.  She said that she e-mailed that off to him and is waiting to hear back from them.


Comments from the Gallery: Joyce Martin asked where the city stand with the budget. Mayor Horne said that they are working on it and hopefully it will be approved by the end of this year.  Joyce Martin asked is it possible to have a copy of the budget. Mayor Horne said once the budget is finished, saying that the city normally put the budget out anyway.


Mayor Horne presented the report from Mark Fountain. He rounded up about 24 dogs, 8 to 9 dogs on Vinson Road, 3 to 4 cats and dogs on Pine Circle, and the remainder is on Riley Circle. Mayor Horne said that the city may need to put something in the Newspaper or send a letter in the water bill letting people know that if their animals are not on a leash, they may be looking at a fine.  Mayor Horne said that Mark picked up some of the animals today that had to be buried.  Myrick said that there were a pack of dogs in Irwinton, near Commissioner, Williams’ house barking at the Odom guy.  Myrick said that he thought they called Office Zim Steele and Zim called Sherriff Chatman and they contacted the owner. Myrick stated that it was said that dogs in Irwinton is attacking other dogs. Carswell said that whatever it is it killed one of Mr. Shinholster’s hog.


Mayor Horne said that everyone looks at McIntyre to save other areas, noting that this is good because it speaks on behalf of the employees of McIntyre. Myrick stated this is why he called Mr. Hagins today because he had mentioned something about it last week. He called David Franks and he did not get an answer but he told him about what the county wanted to do.


Mayor Horne said that it is only so much that McIntyre can do, saying that there are people in Irwinton that want her to do things for them. 


Mayor Horne said that she talked with Mayor Smith, in Toomsboro about helping with the library. She said that Mayor Smith told her to wait until January. Mayor Horne said that they will send the new mayor a letter too.


City Of McIntyre

Council Meeting

November 18, 2013

Page 10



Carswell stated that he told some of the people that the City has started catching animals and that some of them wanted to know if their animal had been caught. Carswell asked if they are going to be able to track what animals have been caught. Mayor Horne stated that the city has a file on the animals that have been caught.  Carswell stated that they wanted to know do they need to go to the Police Department. Carswell said that he told them that they can call the city hall on Monday but you cannot contact anybody on the weekends, unless they talked to Mark directly.


Amerson said that Mark keeps a record on all the animals that he catches, saying, that he told Mark if he picks up an animal and he knows who it is, instead of taking it to the Vet take it the owner first.  If Mark knows that it is your animal, he can bring it to you and tell you this is a warning and you need to lock your dog up, if we catch your dog again, you will get a citation.  Amerson said this is what he suggested that he do instead of taking every one of them to the Vet.  Mayor Horne asked Amerson did she need to give him the file, because they are going to come to him first he said no, Mark keeps him up on it.


Mayor Horne asked had Tommy from the fire department left. Carswell said yes.


Mayor Horne said we need to get the budget done. Myrick said that he will get with Pam after the Thanksgiving Holidays about his budget.


Motion to adjourn with no further business was made by Carswell, seconded by Moore, no opposition, motion carried.



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