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NOTICE: McIntyre is under a Level 1 Drought Response: In order to conserve water outside watering is allowed only between 4:00pm and 10:00 am. This applies to both commercial and residential water use, also keep in mind to regularly check for and repair leaks inside and outside. Don't leave tap running when shaving, brushing teeth and face washing. Only water your landscape when necessary and adjust sprinklers so only your lawn is watered and not the house, sidewalk or street.

NOTICE: 2015 CCR Annual Water Quality Report are available at City Hall located at 102 Railroad Street.

Water bills are due on the 15th of each month, a late penalty of $5.00 applies after the 15th, Termination date is the 28th of the current month, bills will need to be paid prior to the 28th, Reconnect fee is $35.00 and is applied to terminated accounts for non-payment. Bill will have to be paid in full to have water restored.

The city of McIntyre strives to offer its citizens the highest quality of service and a safe water system.


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November 19, 2012 Minutes

City of McIntyre

Council Meeting

November 19, 2012

Page 1


Meeting was called to order by Mayor Horne.


Present: Council Members; Vicki Mixon, John Carswell, Katherine Scott, Eugene Moore, Rico Myrick.


Prayer by Eugene Moore.


Motion was made to approve minutes from November 5, 2012 meeting, sited corrections were noted by Moore.


MOTION, was made by Mixon to approve minutes of meeting from November 5, 2012 with correction being made on page 2, paragraph 5 from Moore Horne to Mayor Horne and to approve the rest, seconded by Moore, no opposition, motion carried.


New Business

Garbage contract to end in December.

Mayor Horne stated that the last two years we had a two year contract.  She then asked how do we want to advertise this time.  Mixon stated to do it the same way it’s been being done.


MOTION was made by Moore to advertise the two year contract for garbage in the Wilkinson County Post, seconded by Mixon, no opposition, motion carried.


Moore stated that Mayor Horne asked him to meet with Mr. Rumph concerning the concrete and make sure that they knew what he is bidding on and what he was going to do.  Moore stated Rumph wanted the city to supply a dumpster for the old concrete.  Mixon asked if they wanted us to supply all items needed.  Moore stated that Rumph would supply the forming materials.  Moore stated that Rumph wanted them to supply concrete when needed.  Mixon asked if all we are paying for is the labor.  Moore responded, labor and materials for forming.  Mixon asked how much is it, Moore responded, $4500.00.  Moore asked if we have someplace to dump the concrete.  Carswell responded he needs it at the park to fill in a hole that is there.  Moore stated that Rumph does not have liability insurance himself but he  would be working under James Shinholster’s insurance.  Moore stated that he informed Mr. Rumph that the invoice would have to come from Shinholster construction.  Mixon asked McRee if we could do that.  McRee said that it sounded shady to him.  Mixon stated that we have been through this before.  McRee stated that he would not recommend allowing them to do the work if he doesn’t have insurance.  Moore stated that it would have to be done by Shinholster’s construction instead of Rumph Masonry, Mayor Horne asked if we had anyone else.  Moore stated that he had checked with Snowco and they said they would get the info and bid on it.  Moore said that he had contacted Mills and MIC, and believed that they had both picked up the drawings, but haven’t received any thing back.  Mayor Horne asked Moore if he knew of anybody.  Moore said there was another guy in Gordon, but not sure if he was still there.  Mayor asked if anyone knew of someone else.  Moore said that he talked with John Williams about who poured the concrete for their church and he gave him a name out of Dublin but he didn’t contact him.  Mixon asked if we advertise that they have to have insurance.  Pam stated that it wasn’t in the advertisement, Mixon asked why and stated that it needs to be in everything that we advertise for

Page 2

bids, that they have got to have their own insurance.  Moore stated that he can call Snowco and remind them, Mills, and others that he could think of.


Mayor Horne asked if James Shinholster could hire Mr. Rumph to do the job and it be his responsibility. McRee said that if contracted with us, that would be fine.  Mayor Horne asked Moore to continue looking.  Moore said that he would, and asked Shinholster if he would bid on the job.  Carswell suggested Moore contact Dublin Concrete.  Carswell commented that Snowco stayed too busy for our minor stuff the city needed them for, because he had been calling them forever for stuff at the park.  Carswell said that people argue that the city doesn’t call them when they have things to do but it seems that when you do call them, they don’t show up.  Moore said that he understood, that when they called to patch up the spot on Vinson Road, they called Snowco to pick up 12 tons of asphalt and at 12:00 pm. they called back and was told that they had forgotten. 


Moore said that the city had to submit a road priority list to DOT for LMIG when we apply for the grant.  Moore stated that the list would consist of the areas from little section from main Street to Railroad to First Street on to 441 would be first on list (1st), Fourth Street to Railroad Street (2nd), Vinson Road (3rd), and Macon Road (4th).  Moore stated that he was told that Railroad would cost approximately $25,000 to $30,000 for the quarter of a mile that it had to have some patch work.  Moore stated that there was one more real bad section on Railroad Street, which is out towards Valerie Walker’s and can probably be fixed using the budget fund because it’s getting pretty bad.  Moore also stated that the grant money can be placed in an escrow for three years and does not have to be spent in 2013, the city could hold off until sewage project was funded. 


Scott had nothing to discuss.


Carswell stated that he saw in the minutes where Rico mentioned that there are some guys who could do community service to do some work at the park.  Carswell asked Wayne if he had a list of the people that could do the community service.  Wayne stated that Zim would be the one that keeps the information concerning community service.  Carswell stated that they need to come up with a plan to see where they need to start at, said that they started working last weekend.  Another cleaning date would be discussed.  Discussion was made to have chainsaw serviced and repaired and to get tools.


Myrick had nothing to discuss.  Myrick mentioned that he saw where there was a proposal from ISM for piping at the new well for $35,900.  Carswell asked if the proposal was just for the piping.  Moore stated that he and Mark met with them and gave a rundown of the items to be done, and pipe to be used.  Mayor Horne asked when the work would be started on the wiring for the pump house, Myrick stated that it was supposed to be run in the paper, Roberts stated that it was bid out to Helton, Myrick asked if Pam called them, Roberts stated she did not call because she thought they were calling.  Moore stated that he would call.  Mayor Horne asked if there was anyone else or if there was only one bid.  Moore stated that he and Myrick called Piping Services and has not heard anything from them, Roberts is to call Greene’s and Moore to call Helton.  Moore said that he would call Piping services again.


Mixon had nothing to discuss.


David McRee had nothing  to discuss.



Page 3

Carswell had one other thing to discus concerning the red dirt for the park.  Carswell asked if they should hold off or how soon could they start.  Mayor Horne stated to wait until after the holidays,


Moore stated that they needed a load or two on Riley Circle.  Carswell said that the county has given them the dirt, but didn’t think the city’s dump truck could haul it.  Mixon asked why we had the dump truck if we couldn’t use it.  Carswell said it would be too many loads but that he could get it somewhere at the park.  Myrick asked where could we get the dirt.  Carswell said at old football field.  Myrick said that you would still need the red dirt.  Mayor Horne asked about county having a dump truck.


Mayor Horne asked Scott to inform council concerning the meeting held at the library.  Scott stated that the library still plans to receive $17,000 from the city and that they said it was contracted for us to give them the money.  Scott stated that she received a fax from them but she didn’t know what it was.  McRee read over the form and gave a summary concerning the contents of the fax.  Mixon said if that was from 1985, things had changed.  McRee said the form read that the county had put in so much in to build and that McIntyre and Irwinton would support, but that it didn’t say how much.  McRee said that the city had a service delivery stategy that covers what services the city will assist with and indicated that McIntyre and Irwinton and other cities would be responsible for financial support of the library and that he didn’t think any where it says how much you have to support every year, that it was up to the city on how much.  Scott said that she told them that the city would get with their lawyer, and see, and if the library thought that we still needed to pay, then maybe we should meet with their lawyer.  Mixon said if it says Irwinton, then she thought Irwinton was way behind on their payments.  Scott said that they look to get $3,000 from Irwinton and recreation department was going to give $2,000, Mixon said that they should set it on what the city decided to give them, which was $12,000.


Scott said that she was getting complaints about the insurance and wanted to know if we could hold off a while on the employer’s insurance.  Myrick asked when was it suppose to start.  Carswell said that the minutes read 2013.  Mixon asked for them not to pay anything.  Mixon said why don’t we continue to pay everything?  Carswell said that is what he was thinking, since Mixon said it that way, Carswell said to look at the wages we were paying, the people, compared to taking 10% for insurance off the top, that we weren’t giving them time to adjust their budget.  Carswell said that $72.00 didn’t sound like a lot but it is, when you aren’t making that much money.  Carswell said that he understands that everybody has to pay, for insurance, and wants to see that happen, but at the same time, if you give them 2013, then by 2014 they could be prepared.  Mixon said that they weren’t having to pay for all their insurance, Carswell said that it may not sound like much but to some it’s a lot. 


Moore said that he checked around with surrounding cities and said that Irwinton and Toomsboro does nothing, Gordon pays 100% for employee and Dependent coverage is paid by the employee, and that Ivey does the same thing as Gordon.  County has two policies, one is POS, which the employee pays $157.92 per month, and the PPO $186.93 per month.  Moore said that we can be competitive with Irwinton and Toomsboro and do nothing, or with Gordon and Ivey and pay the 100%, Scott said that we could do our own thing.  Carswell said that we needed to look at the wages too, that Gordon pays their officers more than McIntyre, and now you are talking about taking 10%.  Mixon asked what part of the insurance he was talking about, the employee or the dependent.  Carswell said that he was talking about the 10% for employees, that there was already a % for dependents.


Carswell said that the employees were already paying 50% dependent coverage.  Roberts said that begins in 2013.  Carswell said that he understood paying dependent care, but what he was talking about

Page 4

is the 10% the employees were going to have to pay, and that we need to consider that in 2013 the city starts this, and then in 2014 the insurance cost may go up and exceed that $72, and then in 2014 we are looking at taking 20%, and insurance rates may go up, so you would be looking at taking more, and that

the city is always reluctant to increase the salaries, so how is the city going to be able to keep people, if we don’t have pay to compete with what we are taking from them.  Carswell reinterated that we should wait.  Horne asked how much would it be in 2013.  Roberts said that it would be 10% for employees and 50% dependent.  Scott said that we should wait until 2014.  Scott made motion  that we don’t start taking 10% in 2013.  Mayor Horne asked if we were leaving the family as is, or what.  Scott asked what the family coverage was now, Roberts said 50%.  Mixon said that she thought it was already settled for dependent coverage, Horne said that she didn’t know, Scott asked again about the % paid for dependent coverage, Roberts said 50% Scott said if that’s what’s being paid now, then leave it like it was, Roberts said that she wasn’t paying 50% now, but 25%, the 50% would begin in 2013.  Conversation ensued about the cost of current insurance, and what employers are paying.  Moore seconded the motion to stop, Horne said stop what; Scott made motion to hold off on employees paying 10% until 2014, seconding the motion was Moore, voting for the motion were, Mixon, Scott, Myrick, Moore, Horne asked Carswell was he voting.  Scott asked did Carswell want the employees to still pay just the 25%, Horne said that we are just talking about the employee part.  Scott asked Carswell what he was thinking?  Carswell said that he didn’t know what he was thinking. 


Scott said that since we didn’t have but two employees with dependent coverage couldn’t we just leave it at 25%, Horne said that it was up to council, Carswell said, that budget wise, would it hurt us to leave it like it was.  Roberts said that our insurance cost was not giving up for 2013, that in fact we had a decrease in rates for 2013.


Chief Amerson asked if he could say something.  Amerson said that it wouldn’t effect him either way, but that he had guys on his force that couldn’t afford this, and that council was being very optimistic that things would be better next year, but that with this economy, it would be awhile before any one could afford any kind of money like that, so tabeling it until next year, all that council is doing is delaying the inevitable.  Horne said that they were trying to do what is best for the employees.  Amerson said that he knew that.  Amerson said that he agreed with saving money but it seems that everytime we trim the budget, that everything that gets trimmed always effects the full-time employees.  Mayor Horne said that was not true, Amerson said that it was, that employees, went years without raises, years with 2% raise, and then we started paying insurance, that if you went back and looked everything happened effected the employees.  Myrick asked Amerson if them paying the 100%, insurance they were paying wasn’t good.  Amerson asked what 100%, Myrick said that since Amerson didn’t have insurance it didn’t effect him, Amerson said that wasn’t what he said, he said that him paying part, wouldn’t effect him, that he could afford it.  Scott asked if we wanted to leave it like it was.  Moore asked Scott if she wanted to rescind her vote.  Carswell asked originally how did the insurance go.  What percentage was being paid.  Roberts said two years ago the city was paying everything.  Roberts explained that several employees who had spouses, went on their spouse dependent insurance, because it was cheaper.  Bernard went completely to his wife’s and we reimburse Lolita because it was cheaper than the $727.00, and that is why you only have two employees with dependent care, Roberts and Shawn.  Shawn has it on his wife and son, because Jessie has many health issues and his son was born with a hole in his heart, so he is having to keep insurance on them.  Carswell said that his question is if we continue to pay 100% on employees will it break the city of McIntyre, and to do the 75% for dependent, going to break the city.  Carswell said that he is not saying Wayne is a 100% right, but he felt that if you wanted to get the best out of your employees, then you have to make them feel like you’re at bat for

Page 5

them.  Mayor Horne said that she appreciated everything the employees do, and that she believed everyone around the table appreciated what they do, and that no one tries to do anything harmful to the employees. 


Mayor Horne said that she was the one that brought it to the table about coverage for Bernard’s wife, and made sure they kept some kind of coverage.


Scott made a motion to rescind her earlier motion, and made motion to leave it like it was.  Moore seconded the motion, Carswell said that we are going back to the ¼ and the city will pay ¾, Mixon asked clerk to read the motion, clerk read motion as Scott rescinded her earlier motion, and made motion to leave it like it is, Mixon said, so her’s is for the employee only, Roberts said no that her’s is to leave it like it is now, 100% and 25%, no opposition, motion carried.


Conversation ensued between Horne and Amerson concerning statements made during discussion of insurance.


Mayor Horne asked about Christmas bonus.  Roberts said that it was at $300 last year. 


MOTION made by Myrick to let the Christmas bonus stand as is, seconded by Mixon, no opposition, motion carried.


MOTION made by Myrick to adjourn, seconded by Mixon, no opposition, motion carried.




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